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Achievements in the Health Care and Delivery System



Projects in Pipe Line

a) 1. Construction of 2000 bedded hospital block in General Hospital, Chennai:

  • Construction work commenced for establishment of multi storeyed 2000 beds hospital.

  • Project cost --- Rs.104 crores.
  • Funding source  --  HUDCO.

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2. Provision of latest medical equipments for all teaching hospitals:

  • Financial and technical assistance from Government of Finland.

  • Project cost ---  Rs.86 crores.

  • MoU signed.

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3. Establishing National Institute of Siddha at Tambaram, Chennai

  • As the Ayurveda, Unani have separate National Institutes for development of their medicine, the  State Government had been requesting the Government Of India, to establish National Institute of Siddha in TamilNadu.  As per the request of the State Government.  The Government of India has agreed to establish the National Institute of Siddha at Chennai in an Estimated cost of Rs.47 Crores spread over for a Period of 6 years.    The institute will provide research and higher studies facility and help in securing global recognition for siddha system.

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4.  Strengthening of Thoracic Hospital, Tambaram:

  • Financial and technical assistance to upgrade laboratory facilities, care and treatment, training, computerisation of information.

  • Project cost --  Rs.4.7 crores.

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5. Surveillance of communicable and non-communicable disease:

  • As integrated disease surveillance system to be launched.

  • Financial and technical assistance from World Bank.
  • Project cost  -- Rs.35 crores for over a period of 5 years. 

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6. World Health Organisation financial and material assistance:

  • Towards eliminating lymphatic filariasis, mass distribution    Di-ethyl cambanizine tablets.

  • Project cost  -- Rs.16 crores.

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7.  Upgrading Primary Health Centres and supply of ambulances:-

  • Financial assistance from Government of India under Prime Minister Gram Rozgar Yojana.

  • Project cost   -- Rs.22 crores.

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8. Diagnose and treatment to eradicate Tuberculosis:

  • Financial and technical assistance from World Bank.

  • Project cost   --  Rs.11 crores. 

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DMPH - Madurai and Ramanathapuram

  • Following the successful implementation of District Mental Health Programs at Trichy, two additional District Mental Health Program has been sanctioned for Madurai and Ramanathapuram by Govt. of India.

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b)  1.  Establishment of Regional Centre for HIV / AIDS Care, Tambaram:

  • Government Hospital for Thoracic Medicine, Tambaram has been identified for establishing a Regional Centre for AIDS Care.

  • Funding source  --  Government of India.
  • Project  cost --- Rs.15.40 crores.

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2.    World Bank assistance Health Delivery system:

  • To upgrade and stregthen Health Care and Delivery system, existing infrastructure is being strengthened.

  • Funding agency - World Bank.
  • Project cost --- Rs.650 crores.

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Upgrading of food and drug testing and analytical laboratories in the State:

  • Strengthening of food and drug testing laboratories to ensure quality drugs.

  • Financial and technical assistance from World Bank.
  • Project cost --  Rs.5 crores.

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Establishing Regional Centre for AIDS prevention/treatment for HID AIDS treatment at Government Thoracic Hospital, Tambaram:

  • To create more facilities for HIV AIDS affected persons.

  • Financial and technical assistance from Government of India.
  • Project cost   --  Rs.15.4 crores.

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