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Directorate of Family Welfare - Service Facilities

Family Welfare Centres: -

The following family welfare centers are functioning to render Family Welfare Services in the State.

1. Post Partum Centres 110
2. Urban Family Welfare Centres 108
3. Urban Health Posts 193
4. Rural Family Welfare Centres 382
5. Approved Nursing Homes 2136
6. Voluntary Organisation 27

Family Welfare and Maternal and Child Health activities are carried out in Tamil Nadu through these Centers. Out of the total Sterilization Performance in the State 61.7% of Sterilization are performed in the Government institutions, 4.4% in Voluntary Organizations, 28.7% in approved Nursing Homes, 2.7% in local bodies and 2.5% in unapproved Nursing Homes as on March 2016.


  • Ante Natal Registration
  • Screening of High Risk Pregnancy and Follow-up
  • Anaemia Correction
  • TT Immunization
  • Intra-natal Care, Emergency Obstetric Services, Post Natal Care  
  • New born Care, Child Immunisation
  • Family Welfare Services 
  • Family Welfare Temporary Methods
    • IUD insertion and follow-up
    • MTP with IUD and OP
    • Condom Distribution
    • Oral Pill distribution & follow-up
  • Family Welfare Permanent Methods
    • TAT,PS, Laparoscopic Sterilisation and MTP with Tubectomy, No Scalpel Vasectomy, Minilap.
  • MTP Services
    • At PHC level upto 8 weeks of Pregnancy
    • At PPC and UFWC level upto 20 weeks of Pregnancy
    • Trained Doctors and Equipments available

  • Micro Surgery: Re-canalisation and Infertility
  • Cancer Screening: PAP Smear Test Facility

  No Scalpel  Vasectomy (NSV):

The method of No Scalpel Vasectomy for males is very simple and has the following advantages:

  • Very simple
  • This can be done in a matter of 5 minutes without knife & suture and the patient can be discharged after a few hours and can resume normal duties on the same day.
  • NSV is not a hindrance to strenuous activities.
  • There is no fear of loosing manliness.
  • No need to stay in Hospitals.

NSV service is available in all Medical College Hospitals, Government Hospitals and in selected Primary Health Centres.

Hence, NSV is performed for male those who are interested as well as alternative choice for those wives are not fit for sterilisation like anaemia, heart diseases, infection etc. raise upto the occasion and be a source of removal of gender inequality. More higher order births (More than 2 children) can be reduced if males accept NSV and the Birth Rate of Tamil Nadu can be brought down to 14 per 1000 population in 2017 A.D. from the present level of 15.4 per 1000 population.

Qualification for the doctors – doing family planning sterilizations:

As per the Directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India passed in W.P. No. 209/ 2003 (recorded on 26.7.2007) have made clear guidelines for the doctors who are doing sterilizations. As per the guidelines the ordinary sterilization operation can be carried out by the trained MBBs doctors and such doctors who are authorized by the DQAC to conduct the operations and those doctors who possess MBBS qualification with DGO / MD (Gynecology) / MS surgery and or trained for Laparoscopic surgery, can perform the Laparoscopic surgeries.