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Activities of Health Sub Centres:

  • Peripheral most unit available at the Village level to take care of the Health needs of the community.
  • A Health  Sub centre covers a population of 5000 in plain areas and 3000 in Hilly and difficult terrains. All Primary Health Care Services are being provided at the door steps of the community.

  • Each Health sub centre is manned by a pair of Health Workers.
  • The Female Worker (VHN) takes care of MCH activities, including Immunization.
  • The male worker (HI) @ one per 3 HSCs is responsible to control of Communicable Diseases, Checking of Births and Deaths Registration, Health Education, Surveillance, etc.
  • All pregnant women are registered by the Village Health Nurses at the earliest stage of pregnancy and given Antenatal care.
  • Antenatal care includes two doses of Tetanus Toxoid Injections and distribution of 100 tablets of Ferrous Sulphate Tablets (FST).
  • The Health Sub centre area is divided into 4 units and on every Wednesday, Immunization sessions are organised in one unit, thereby covering the entire area in a month.
  • Village Health nurses provide information on MTP services and are issuing contraceptive tablets, etc. for postponement of next pregnancy.
  • Village Health Nurses provide information on sterilization and IUD insertion is done by her.
  • The HSC provides medicine for minor ailments like cold, fever, diarrhoea, etc.
  • The male worker visits the Village and takes blood smear to detect malaria.
  • Sputums are collected from chronic patients of cough and sent to Primary Health Centres, for examination.  If found positive for tuberculosis, treatment is arranged through Primary Health Centres.
  • Chlorination of water sources and disinfection of affected houses, during diarrhoea are done by the male worker.
  • Identifying cases of leprosy and treat them.
  • Male health workers make festival arrangements and investigate food poisoning and counsel on food hygiene.
  • Male health workers motivate for family planning and distribute condoms.