The following Directorates and Corporations are functioning under the control of Health and Family Welfare Department:

  1. National Rural Health Mission Tamil Nadu (External Link)

  2. TamilNadu Health System Project(TNHSP) (External Link)

  3. Directorate of Medical Education

  4. Directorate of Medical and Rural Health Services

  5. Directorate of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

  6. Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy

  7. Directorate of Family Welfare

  8. Directorate of Drugs Control (External Link)

  9. Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation (External Link)

  10. Tamil Nadu State Health Transport Department

  11. Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (External Link)

  12. Tamil Nadu State Blindness Control Society

  13. DANIDA Health Care Project

  14. Department of Food Safety & Drug Administration (Food Safety Division)

  15. Medical Services Recruitment Board (MRB) (External Link)

  16. Tamil Nadu Network for Organ Sharing (External Link)

  17. Transplant Authority of Tamil Nadu (External Link)

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