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Tamil Nadu State Health Transport Department


  • Reconditioning and fabriction of float assemblies like engine clutch Gear box,differential,cushion seats,water pumps,self motor dynamos etc,and Reconditioning unit.

  • Conducting monthly tour programmesbt mobile units at various selected Health Centres/Taluk head quarters to carryout Servicing/Oil Changing and attending minor repairs etc.

  • Appraisal of vehicle using officers regarding the fleet management and supplying of yres and batteries to the needy vehicles.

  • Receiving feed back information from Joint Directors by departing Unit Officers.

  • In addition to the existing 25 mobile maintenance units formation of 2 more mobile maintenance units at Trivellore and Tuticorin at a cost of 8 lakhs under Part II Schemes of 2001-2002 has been sanctioned.