> Objectives & Functions

Tamil Nadu State Health Transport Department

Objectives and Functions

  • To economically maintain a healthy fleet of vehicles by carrying out regular service and repairs.

  • To deliver all vehicles admitted for repairs at the earliest with minimum downtime and to also ensure that no vehicle – irrespective of the magnitude of required mechanical and body repairs, is retained for more than 30 days.

  • To identify and recommend the right type / model of vehicles to be purchased based on the Vehicle Using Officers’ requirement and to co-ordinate with them while purchasing vehicles for Health and Family Welfare Department.

  • To make right recommendations to the concerned ,on a regular and timely basis for replacement of aged and worn out vehicles and to thereafter quickly dispose the condemned vehicles through e-Auction.

  • To Provide Professional Assistance in the Tender evaluation made during the purchase of new vehicles and while awarding fabrication work in Ambulance Vehicles . To Test and Appraise the fabrication work executed in the Ambulance and Hearse Vehicles.

  • To use a computerized Data Base Programme to regularly assess, monitor and review the performance of each Workshop attached to this Department to ensure comprehensive evaluation of the Units and to identify and focus on the areas of improvement .

  • To Act as a repository of all data related to vehicles maintained.

  • To Provide Apprenticeship training every year to I.T.I. Certificate holders, Diploma holders and B.E. Graduates sponsored by the different Govt. authorities.

  • To overall, act as a single window to provide complete solutions to all the problems encountered by the Medical Officers with regard to repairs, maintenance and operation of vehicles and to all issues relating to vehicle record maintenance.