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Tamil Nadu State Health Transport Department

Origin and Development

  • The origin of this Department dates back to the year 1959 when 6 mobile repair units were launched for the maintenance of Health and Family Welfare Department vehicles.

    • Later during the year 1971, Government of India evolved an all India pattern according to which each state would have a State Health Transport Organization and thus Tamil Nadu State Health Transport Organization was established in Tamil Nadu with one Central Workshop at Tiruchirappalli and 3 Regional Workshops at Chennai, Salem and Madurai.

      • During the year 1981, the above Organization was made as a separate Directorate for the effective maintenance of Health and Family Welfare Department Vehicles.

        • Consequent to the formation of a Separate Directorate, this Department has made several significant strides as it passed through different phases of its development.

          • Additional Mobile Workshops, District Workshops and Regional Workshops were formed to strengthen the services. Presently 7 Regional Workshops, 9 District Workshops, 29 Mobile Workshops, 4 Mini Workshops and 1 Reconditioning Unit are functioning under the administrative control of this Directorate.