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Directorate of Indian Medicine and Homoeopathy

  • What is meant by Siddha System of Medicine?

    Siddha System of Medicine is unique to Tamil Nadu, Evolved by great Siddhars.
    Siddha system of Medicine is based on Natural products available in this Country. i.e. Herbs, Medicinal Pants, Metals, Minerals and animal products form ingredients of the medicines.  In the hands of Experts, the ingredients by themselves or in combination have excellent medicinal value and relieve the sufferings without any side effects, complications.  The system has stood the test of time for hundreds of years.

  • Is it true that Siddha Medicine acts slowly?

    The Siddha system does not believe in merely treating the symptoms.  It eradicates the root cause for the illness, provides relief and also prevents recurrence.

  • Is there treatement for all diseases in Siddha System?

    Siddha System offers an effective treatment for all the minor ailments like Cough, Cold. Diarrhoea, fever etc.  Moreover, it helps in building resistance against such ailments without any  side effects.
    Siddha System, is very effective in treating ailments like all varieties of joint diseases, skin diseases, Liver problems, Urinary Tract infections, rejuvenation, etc.  However, like all other systems Siddha system also has its own limitations.

  • Whether Diabetes can be cured fully in Siddha system?

    Using Siddha System Diabetes can be controlled and maintained without any side effect.

  • Whether Cancer can be fully cured by this system?

    If cancer is detected in early stages it can be cured fully.  Rest depends upon the stage, other complications of the patient.  Though not fully curable, these medicines will help to relieve the pain and to extend the life span of individual.

  • Can skin problem "psoriasis" can be cured fully?

    This system provides good relief for psoriasis and also the recurrence period is postponed considerably.

  • "AIDS" can be fully cured?

    Research is going on to provide symptomatic relief for AIDS patients and improve the quality of life and Life span of AIDS patients.