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Madurai Medical College 

  • Established  in  1954.

  • Contact Number: Direct: 0452-533230   Board: 0452-532535

  • Web: dean mmc@sancharnet.in

  • Area : 26 Acres

  • Courses  available:

    • Degree  Courses:  MBBS, M.D  General  Medicine, M.D. Pathology, M.D. Micro Biology,M.D. Obstetrics  and  Gynaecology, M.D.  Physiology, M.D. Pharmacology, M.D. Forensic  Medicine, M.D. Paediatrics, M.D. Psychiatric Medicine, M.D. Anaesthesiology, M.D. Venereology.

    • M.S. Courses: M.S. General Surgery, M.S. Anatomy, M.S.Ophthalmology, M.S.E.N.T.,M.S. Ortho.

    • Diploma Courses: D.G.O, D.C.H,D.M.RD, D.L.O, D.A, D.Ortho, D.O, D.V, D.P.M, 

    • Higher Speciality 

      • D.M. Courses : D.M. Neurology, D.M. Cardiology

      • M.Ch. Courses : M.Ch. Neurosurgery(5 years course),M.Ch.Neurosurgery           (2 years course)M.Ch. Thorasic Surgery, M.Ch. Paediatric Surgery, M.Ch. Plastic  Surgery.

    • Para Medical Courses:  

      • Diploma  in  Nursing, 
      • Diploma  in  Pharmacy.(120)
      • C.R.A (Service) (5)
      • Lab Technician (service) (20)
      • C.M.L.T  (13)

  • Library Facility : Library facility is available

      Working Hours : 8.30 A.M. to 8.30 P.M
      MEDLAR facility is available.

The  following  Hospitals  are  attached  to  this  College.

        • Govt. Rajaji  Hospital,  Madurai

        • Govt. Hospital, Balarangapuram, Madurai
        • Govt. Hospital of Thoracic Medicine, Thoppur, Madurai
        • Infecitous  Diseases  Hospital,  Thoppur, Madurai
        • Cholera  Collection Centre, Thoppur, Madurai