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Tamil Nadu State Blindness Control Society

Of the total estimated 30 million blind persons in the world , 6 million are in India.  The main objective of the new programme is to reduce the prevalance of blindness in the Country from 14 per 1000 to 3 per 1000 population.  In Tamil Nadu, the prevalance of blindness is 4 per 1000 population.

World  Bank Assisted Cataract Blindness Control Project :

The Project is being  implemented in Tamil Nadu from 1994-1995.  The outlay for the project for six years in Tamilnadu was  Rs.64.2 crores and it has been extended for a further period of one year upto 31.3.2002 with a further sanctioned of Rs.774.00 lakhs. All the infra structures are developed at the District Level and in the Medical Colleges.

The Society has taken various steps to create awareness among the public regarding the need for the Eye donation.

For effective implementation and monitoring of the work at District level, a District Blindness Control Society has been formed in all the Districts

The District Blindness Control Society conducts eye camps  with the help of  Voluntary Organisations and District Mobile Ophthalmic Units, provides  financial assistance to Voluntary Organisations for performing Cataract Operations, undertakes propoganda activities under health education programme in the District and  monitors the implementation of the Blindness Control Programme in District level as per the directions of Government of India / State Government  / State Blindness Control Society.

The statistics in respect of No. of  cataract operations performed during the past 3 years are given below.




1998 - 1999



1999 - 2000



2000 - 2001



In achieving the target, the Tamil Nadu Stood first consecutively for 3 years among the seven major states implementing  the project.

Schemes for implementation during 2001-2001:

    1. If this  year 4,00,000 Cataract Surgery is proposed to be achieved .

    2. Creation of infrastructure in Voluntary sector for eye care delivery in underserved and rural /  tribal areas as per the norms  of Governments of India.

    3. To supply Intra Ocular Lenses to al District  / Teaching Hospitals.

    4. To declare all the Districts in Tamil Nadu  as "100% Mature Cataract Free District.

    5. It is proposed to achieve the following

      I)  Training of Eye Surgeons - 20
      II) Training of Nurses - 20
      III)Formation of an eye Bank.

    6. Construct  or upgrade 30 existing Operation Theaters and eye wards, furnisha and equip these in uncovered rural areas for every 5 lakh population .

    7. Equip remaining medical colleges and district hospitals with 23 yag Laser to manage PCO cases following Intra Ocular Lenses surgery.

    8. Identify  village level functionaries / volunteers who could be oriented about blindness s link workers between the community & the health services; and

    9. Contractual assignments with private  Ophthalmologists backlog of bilatrl blind persons in 100 identified underserved blocks.