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Acta Tropica Volume 79, Issue 1, 27 April 2001

Vector-borne parasitic diseases: new trends in data collection and risk assessment
 [Full text] (PDF 78.2 Kb)Linkages between FAO agroclimatic data resources and the development of GIS models for control of vector-borne diseases
 [Full text] (PDF 814.2 Kb)

Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 109, Number 5 May 2001

Gold-Mining Activities and Mercury Contamination of Native Amerindian Communities in French Guiana: Key Role of Fish in Dietary Uptake

Quantifying the Effects of Exposure to Indoor Air Pollution from Biomass Combustion on Acute Respiratory Infections in Developing Countries

Coupling between Annual and ENSO Timescales in the Malaria-Climate Association in Colombia


(Studies on diarrheal diseases, malaria, water and sanitation – click on author’s name to view abstract)

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IRC: Web Site on Community Water Supply Management

HABITAT: State of the World’s Cities, 2001

USAID: Reaching Communities for Child Health and Nutrition: A Framework for Household and Comminity IMCI (Integrated Management of Childhood Illness), 2001. (1,523KB)

WSSCC: Guidelines for Water and Sanitation Utilities Risk Management Planning, 2001

World Bank: Multi-Village Rural Water Supply Schemes: An Emerging Challenge, 2001. (792KB)

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