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With many websites sprouting almost every now and then, it’s hard to choose website sources that truly value a reader’s trust. In this age where various information can cause confusion, it’s crucial that we take the lead in providing only the most credible information, especially when it comes to health.

At NCVC, we make information as your best friend in helping you improve the quality of your life. Information from different points of the internet can truly overwhelm, considering that there are many changes in the health research and some sources tend to confuse readers more with the use of difficult terms and jargons.

The kind of work we do is brought by a real drive to serve, with our sincere goal to inform and help. Therefore, we want to simplify concepts in the best way possible so the appropriate pieces of information are communicated right away.

Whatever information you need, we got it for you. Whether it’s about a particular condition, health research, an episodic health concern, general wellness, or about alternative health measures, we can provide that for you. Our articles are laid out in a way that can help you figure out your situations better.

Our Mission

At NCVC , we aim to be your companion for health learning and improvement. We aim to be advanced in information so we can help you improve your lifestyle. It is, therefore, our goal to see you healthy and happy.

Wellness these days is a much-complicated topic, and we are here to give you pieces of information that are timely and reliable. We want to help you knit a life away from sickness and danger, hence we try to pull out the best abilities that our team has in order to provide you a trusted avenue for you to learn about health.

Our Commitment to Quality Content

Our writers and editors at NCVC are committed in providing only what’s comprehensive, reliable, honest, and unbiased. The writers of our team are well-equipped with knowledge on how to go about in discussing health matters that would prove sufficient, credible, and understandable by all types of readers.

Our writers know by heart that the topics we deal with are no joke and that each topic requires a thorough knowledge and expertise in terms of research. Our team knows that when we are talking about health, we are already talking about life in general, and it’s something we are so passionate about.

Our editors, on the other hand, are aware of the weight they carry in making sure that every article piece we release is of high quality and relevance. The editors we team up with are carefully chosen to ensure that they know what visions we strive to achieve as we co-exist with everyone who looks for better health conditions as a human race.

Staying Timely and Relevant

Our entire team knows that in the internet space, almost every piece of information is considered true by readers even without the knowledge and confirmation that such information can already be obsolete and irrelevant.

We are a small team of passionate writers, editors, and researchers. Despite that, we are proud of the contributions we have already made in the health and wellness arena. How do we draw the line from other health websites?

We commit to staying timely and relevant. 

We continually monitor the current trends, news, and updates in the health industry. We also continue to check and update our previously released articles in order to make sure that the contents are fresh. 

We have our own set of standards, but we also monitor the following trends:

  1. Drug approvals and/or recalls
  2. Reader and user feedback and concerns
  3. Changes in care standards
  4. New guidelines on clinical practices
  5. Recommendations on major medical practices

We also immediately address any reader who reaches out to us for any possible mistakes in our content, such as inaccuracy, lack of clarity, outdated, and contradictory information.

Finally, we make sure that every piece of health information is relevant to everyone’s life.

We Appreciate Feedback

We are full of determination and we know that we cannot achieve the best reader experience for you if we are not absorbent enough to feedback. Therefore, we want to reiterate that our team loves feedback!

Why do we appreciate feedback? Simply because, it’s one of the best possible ways for us to correct mistakes, improve our articles, and produce more relevant content. We believe that more perspectives are better than one, and that’s the thing about health. Health is dynamic and so more studies and research are conducted yearly in order to flow with the dynamics of health.

In case you have feedback that you think is quite negative, please don’t worry. We don’t take this kind of feedback against anyone. We want to hear out every feedback that would be helpful to our growth and we continue to believe that everyone, including us, can be better than before.

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