Does Your Nose Become Thinner When You Lose Weight?

Nose Become Thinner When You Lose Weight

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Nose Become Thinner When You Lose Weight

Your nose is right in the center of your face. So, saying that it plays a significant role in your appearance is an understatement. Like many other features, noses vary from person to person with various shapes and sizes. People who feel that their nose shape or size does not compliment their facial structure may want to change it. 

Losing weight can change how a person looks and feels. From a smaller waist to smaller feet[1],  dropping the extra pounds can change your appearance. However, the real question here is, will losing weight make your nose thinner? Let us find out. 

Does Your Nose Become Thinner When You Lose Weight?

Weight loss removes excess fat from various areas of your body, altering your appearance. However, your nose does not contain any fat cells, so losing weight will not make your nose thinner. 

Cartilage and nasal bones[2] form the skeleton of your nose, while skin and subcutaneous tissue cover the nasal skeleton to make your nose. Since the fat cells over your nose are minimal, losing weight will not necessarily make your nose smaller. 

How Weight Loss Affects Your Nose?

Does your nose get smaller when you lose weight? It does not. You will not be getting a dramatic change in the appearance of your nose after losing a few pounds. That is because the basic structure of your nose comes from nasal bones and cartilage. However, your nose may appear more prominent or sharper after significant weight loss.

That happens because weight loss also reduces fat deposits in various parts of your face, such as your chin, cheeks, and jawline. Since these areas appear trimmer, your nose may stand out more. 

Weight gain does not do much for your nose shape either. Weight gain will increase facial fat deposits in your cheeks and chin, but it cannot affect the shape of your nose. 

Losing Weight to Alter Face Structure 

Even if losing weight will not get you a smaller nose, it can still alter your face shape. Facial areas with stored fat, such as your chin and cheeks, will be affected the most by the weight change. The difference in your entire face is usually evident when looking at before and after weight loss photos. Some changes from losing the extra weight include a sharper jawline, slimmer cheeks, and a more prominent nose. 

Before you start noticing changes in your face from weight loss, it may take a while. Studies[3] show that you’ll need to lose up to 8 to 9 pounds before you start seeing changes in your face. Exercise, proper nutrition, and supplements can help you with your weight loss journey. Drinking lots of water[4], coffee[5], and diluted apple cider vinegar[6] can help you lose fat stored in your face. These lifestyle and dietary modifications may also help keep the lost weight off. Losing weight improves your overall health[7], too, if you’re overweight. 

How to Get a Smaller Nose 

Now that you know that weight change will not get you the slimmer nose that you desire, what can you do? These tips will help you get a narrower nose:

Plastic Surgery 

Plastic surgery on your nose, rhinoplasty, can change its shape and size. Lots of celebrities spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery to alter the shape of their nose. Rhinoplasty aims to give you a nose that contributes to the overall balance of your face. 

Rhinoplasty surgery is the most effective way to get a slimmer nose. If you want the best results, you will need to take your time researching your facial plastic surgeon before the procedure. Ensure that the facial plastic surgeons you are considering are board-certified and belong to the right medical associations. Looking at their previous work will help you determine if they are a great fit. Schedule a consultation next to discuss your expectations for improved nasal structure with your surgeon. Your cosmetic surgeon will walk you through the procedure and answer all your questions during your consultation. 

After nose surgery, your cosmetic surgeon may take out the stitches one week later[8]. However, it may take up to a year[9] for all the swelling to subside to reveal your final rhinoplasty results. Sagging skin can develop after weight loss because the excess weight stretches your skin. You can discuss getting cosmetic surgery to get rid of the excess skin after weight loss with your doctor. 


If you are looking for nonsurgical ways to get a slimmer nose, consider makeup. Makeup is great for hiding skin blemishes and improving your appearance. It can also help you get a thinner nose, higher cheekbones, and a sharper jawline. Applying makeup to make your nose look smaller is all about the proper technique.

The proper application of contour and highlight makes a lot of difference. Simple makeup tricks can give you an instantly slimmer nose by creating an illusion. A common rule is to apply a lighter shade[10] of concealer than your skin tone to the sides of your nose and apply a bright setting powder. Blend it out to smoothen your results. You can consult a makeup expert for the best makeup technique to help you achieve your desired results.


There is no evidence that doing facial and nose exercises will alter your nose shape. Your nose has a minimal fatty layer covering it. So, losing weight and doing facial exercises may not make much difference.

However, some believe that exercising the muscles of your nose may tone them and eventually make your nose slimmer. There are no studies behind this claim. However, you could still try it out.


Accepting that beauty comes in various shapes and sizes will help you appreciate your nose better. If you dress up in ways that flatter your nose, appreciating its beauty is much easier. From your haircut to your choice of glasses, considering the shape of the nose will help you get the best fit. 

So, Next time you are at the salon, discuss your hairstyle options with your stylist. They can advise you on the most flattering cuts and styles for your facial features. That way,  your confidence, and self-appreciation go up.

Factors that Affect Your Nose Size 

Your nose shape and size are largely determined by your genes[11]. Through your teen years, your nose size and shape change as the cells forming the cartilage continues to multiply and grow.

Beyond your teenage years, how your nose looks does not change much. Since your nose skeleton comprises bone and cartilage, factors such as weight gain and loss do not alter it. As you age, your nose may start to droop[12]; hence, it appears to keep growing. 

Pregnancy hormones can affect your nose too. The hormones cause more blood flow to various body parts, including your nose, causing the familiar pregnancy nose[13]. These changes do not last forever. After childbirth, your nose returns to normal.


Your nose shape will not change much when you lose weight because your nose shape depends on the nasal skeleton. Your nasal skeleton contains bones and cartilages, so weight fluctuations do not affect it much. Your nose does not contain significant fat cells. That is why even when you burn fat, or your body gains weight, your nose structure remains the same. However, when you lose weight, other facial features such as your cheekbones and jawline can become sharper. 

If you want a slimmer nose, rhinoplasty is the surest way. Choosing the right doctor for your plastic surgery will determine your results. Your nonsurgical options for achieving a slimmer nose include makeup and nose exercises. There is no science behind facial exercises for a smaller nose. On the other hand, makeup creates an optical illusion that makes your nose appear slimmer.

Switching to flattering hairstyles and fashion items could help you better appreciate your natural nose shape. Your natural nose stays relatively the same past your teenage years, with small changes as you age. Pregnancy hormones affect your nose too, but only temporarily. 

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