5 Best CBD Dog Treats 2023: Top Brands For Joint Pain & Anxiety

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Honest Paws dog treats

Honest Paws

  • High-quality CBD oils
  • Affordable CBD products
  • Multiple options for CBD treats

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  • Lab-tested products 
  • Uses natural ingredients 
  • No THC in CBD products

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  • Generous guarantee period 
  • The products are cruelty-free
  • Potency is verified

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Who would have thought we would get to a point where we’re givingdogs CBD? Is it even safe? 

There are brands that make CBD products specifically for dogs and other pets. That is how you will find it easy to get the best CBD dog treats in the market right now. 

When we say dog treats, you can expect options such as soft chews shaped as bones that would make them relatable to the dogs. These chews can be used in addition to CBD oil to ensure the best health for your dog

As you can see, dogs can definitely enjoy using the treats while reaping the additional benefits of CBD. 

Best CBD Dog Treats on the market in (March. 2023)

CBD Treats For Dogs

CBD treats for dogs are simply CBD formulated dog chews that can help the dog enjoy nibbling on them while also benefiting from using CBD. In simple terms, they are  CBD-infused dog treats. 

It may not sound common for dogs to use CBD, but there is some research behind it. There have been studies showing just how good CBD is for pets. One of the popular reasons to use CBD is its anti-inflammatory[1] benefits, which can specifically help in improving the health of dogs with arthritis. 

Some have used CBD in addition to seizure medication to help reduce the frequency of seizures in dogs.You would be happy to see your dog with fewer seizures. 

Benefits Of Dog CBD Treats 

You might be wondering, why would someone even give his dog CBD dog treats? Here are some quick benefits that would make you consider doing it today. 

  • CBD may help with cancer pain and symptoms. This includes nausea, chronic pain, and loss of appetite due to cancer treatment[2]
  • The anti-inflammatory properties make it possible to use CBD dog treats for those pets with arthritis and other related conditions. 
  • Dogs are similar to humans in that they can experience anxiety. When your dog always seems anxious, use CBD dog treats to improve anxiety symptoms[3]
  • Dogs sometimes lose their appetite. . When you use CBD treats, you can improve its appetite helping it get better nutrition.
  • Seizures due to epilepsy and other related conditions make the life of your pet hard. However, CBD can help reduce the frequency of such seizures.

The Line Up At A Glance

Honest Paws dog treats

Editor’s choice

Honest Paws dog treats

  • High-quality CBD oils
  • Affordable CBD products
  • Multiple options for CBD treats

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Best for Organic CBD Products


  • Lab-tested products 
  • Uses natural ingredients 
  • No THC in CBD products

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Best for Potent CBD Oils


  • Highly concentrated lab-grad
  • Generous guarantee period 
  • The products are cruelty-free
  • Potency is verified

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Royal CBD

Best for Flavorful CBD Products

Royal CBD

  • Offers free shipping on all orders
  • It has gluten-free products
  • All products are US-made

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Best for Variety


  • Third-party lab-tested
  • Uses non-GMO hemp oil
  • It is U.S. Hemp Authority-certified

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Top 5 Best CBD Dog Treats 2023

Honest Paws Dog Treats

Honest Paws dog treats

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This company stands out for its quality products. They use high-quality hemp plants to always assure the products are safe and of high quality.

  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple seizures CBD oil products
  • Multiple products for many conditions
  • Shipping can get slow sometimes

Honest Paws has one of the best-designed websites in the CBD industry. You can easily locate the different dog treats you want for your pet from the website. The product is put into various categories to make it easier to pick the best product. 

The categories include CBD for calmness, mobility, discomfort relief, wellness, immunity, skin & coat care. 

One of the options to choose from maybe the best CBD oil for seizures. Such CBD oil would be vital to help combat convulsive seizures in your dog. Just as CBD oil is good in humans, you can see how good it will be for your pet. Since it also has a carrier oil, CBD oil will be fast-acting. 

The best part is that this product is not expensive. 

Besides using purified CBD oil, you can also consider full-spectrum mobility soft chews for your pet. This mostly helps with improving their mobility. It is not uncommon to come across dogs with arthritis[4] or related conditions. 

There is also joint powder available which can also help with stiff joints. Simply combine the joint powder with CBD to get the most out of it. 



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Its products do not have THC. This is vital for keeping the dog safe from possible effects of the compound. Also, it is still a transparent company with third-party lab testing.

  • It offers free shipping 
  • It offers Non-GMO and gluten-free products
  • The products are 100% natural
  • Slow customer support

Ever since the legalization of medical marijuana in several states, it has been possible to get CBD products for dogs too. That is what you get with this brand too. The popular treats people would consider for dogs include soft chews, CBD oil, powder, and more. All of such products are sold by this brand. 

If you find that your dog is facing drug-resistant seizures, you may want to consider pure CBD oil and treats from this brand. Just ensure you use the products correctly to minimize seizures in yourpet. 

You mostly get broad-spectrum CBD treats from this brand. This is because the THC in the full-spectrum CBD is not always the best for pets.. 

Also, the products do not have coconut oil extract as the carrier oil, which can lead to diarrhea. 

Labtesting is important for any CBD product. You can be rest assured that this brand provides pure CBD because of third-party lab testing. Third-party testing ensures that what is on a product listing is accurate and reflects what is present in a product.

You can access the lab reports easily for this brand, so that you can know more about the product before buying. Consider browsing around for more treats your dog might need from the brand. 



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The brand features a generous guarantee on the products, which provides added peace of mind for dog CBD treatment.. They also regularly offer promo codes.

  • It often has promos to save some money 
  • It offers a 60-day guarantee
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Some potencies are too strong for dogs

CBD oils are not the only thing you can use as dog treats. This brand offers many different products for your dog. 

The good thing is that you may use CBD products as seizure medications. Of course, you should always consult with your vet before using CBD to control severe or prolonged seizures or Dravet syndrome. 

When you use the right CBD products for your dog, the cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system will help improve its health through relieving inflammation, anxiety, and also help it sleep better. 

With all of the possible  benefits, people might think that CBD dog treats must be expensive. You might be surprised how you do not need to buy the most expensive CBD oil to see benefits. Most high quality CBD products are within an affordable range. 

The Food and Drug administration might not be approving CBD products for dogs just yet, but products from this brand may support your dog’s health. You can expect a 60-day money-back guarantee on the products for added peace of mind. 

Royal CBD

Royal CBD

20% Off Exclusive Coupon: HC20

This brand features gluten-free products. These are products that would not trigger allergies in a pet. There is lab testing done on all products, which ensures  brand transparency.

  • The lab-testing is done on all products
  • The products are made in the USA
  • It has gluten-free products
  • Limited product variety

If you have faced treatment-resistant epilepsy in your dog, it might be time to consider the best CBD oils from Royal CBD. This brand does a good job of making the best CBD oil for seizures and other possible conditions. 

The CBD-rich cannabis extracts may also be used for soothing dogs with arthritis. The arthritic pain in dogs can make your dog resistant to walks in the evening. CBD products may help provide some natural relief.. 

The CBD-hemp products can also be turned into other treats, such as soft chews. These chews contain active treats such as hemp seed oil, CBD, turmeric, and more. 

As you can see, there will be several benefits in addition to just having CBD as the main compound. The products are also gluten-free, which may also be easier to digest in the case of a gluten allergy or intolerance. 

If you enjoy learning more about the products before buying, consider reading the brand’s lab reports. This brand transparency makes it easier to know about the product you’re buying and what to expect.



15% Off Exclusive Coupon: HEALTHCANAL15

The brand uses high-quality hemp as its plant source. This can help assure you are ending up with quality products for your pet.

  • Uses top-quality hemp plants
  • It has multiple products for pets
  • Good potency level for dogs
  • Some products tend to be out of stock

FDA approval may not approve CBD products any time soon. However, that does not stop such a brand from making hemp-derived CBD products for your pet. There are several clinical studies showing the benefits of CBD. 

Still, there are many people using the full-spectrum CBD oil from this brand to manage epilepsy, seizure control[5], and other conditions. If your pet is on other medications, ensure you consult your vet first. 

Like some other CBD companies, you will find that this hemp extract is also tested in independent labs. As such, you will only buy such products knowing they are safe. You will also be given enough information on how to best use the products so your dog gets the maximum benefits.

Is your dog experiencing mobility issues? Then you may want to consider the mobility bites soft chews from this brand. 

It also contains additional ingredients such as glucosamine in addition to broad-spectrum hemp extract to boost mobility in your pet. We also get the brand having cognition bites too. 

Do CBD Dog Treats Work?

CBD dog treats are some of the best ways to improve the health of your pet. The dog treats can only work if you can use the right and tested treats in the market. Keep in mind that CBD dog treats should always be from top brands to be at least assured of safety and quality. 

You are advised to be patient with how CBD alleviates some conditions. A good example is using CBD for anxiety can be faster than using CBD for pain. Also, alleviating pain in your dog might need a stronger CBD product than when using CBD for anxiety. 

Of course, you should also consider the dosage. CBD dog treats can only work if there is a proper dosage. Most brands would have the CBD dosage listed on the package or the website. A vet can also help you with this. 

How To Choose The Best CBD Dog Treats 

Before you can buy the best CBD oil for seizures or any other CBD dog treats, you always need to keep a few things in mind. Here are some of them:

  • Are the CBD products from the brand veterinarian recommended or formulated? Such would show the confidence of vets in the performance of the product to give it more credibility.
  • The product might claim to help achieve low blood pressure and other benefits. However, are there clinical trials to show this? If results are available, then it boosts confidence in the product. 
  • How about third-party testing? If the brand tests its products independently, then it means that it is transparent. You can now verify it is a safe product.
  • The products should be designed for pets generally. You should not end up giving your pet CBD isolate, or any other CBD type meant for humans.
  • Sourcing transparency is crucial also. The brand should be able to show where it gets its hemp plants to make pure CBD. The extraction method is also important with CO2 extraction being the most commonly used. 
  • It would be nice to also find a brand with the best customer service. A good support team can help you learn more about CBD dog treats before buying. 
  • Look to see if the ingredients are listed. Listing ingredients is key to ensuring you know what’s in the product and the dose. 

CBD Dosage For Dogs

You always need the right CBD treat or CBD oil dosage if you want to help improve treatment-resistant epilepsy in your dog. So, how much high-quality CBD oil or CBD products should you give your dog?

A study in 2018[6] found that using 2mg of CBD per kg of weight for a  dog helped improve the pain associated with osteoarthritis. 

This dose can be a benchmark for you to start with and progress from there. You could always increase the dosage depending on the outcome of the first dosage. 

Where to Buy CBD Dog Treats Near Me?

We always recommend that you get yourself the dog treats from the official websites of these mentioned brands. This is because you are at least assured you will be getting high quality products all the time. 

Buying from stores selling medical marijuana might also be recommended. Take note not all medical marijuana dispensaries might have such dog treats. 

Potential Side Effects

CBD oil manufacturers do a good job of making CBD treats that provide health benefits to your pet. However, are there possible side effects of using such treats for your pet? Here are the most common side effects of CBD for dogs:

  • Dry mouth and throat
  • Sleepiness and drowsiness
  • Excessive itching 
  • Mild vomiting 
  • Low blood pressure 

This would mostly happen when you have been using CBD treats for dogs in excess or you are using products meant for humans. You could start with a low dose first, and increase gradually only when necessary. 

Consulting your vet is also highly recommended. 

Final Thought

Only CBD products made using high-quality hemp plants should be allowed as CBD treats for your dog. A dog taking CBD may see improvement in convulsive seizure frequency, among other benefits. 

Other than seizure reduction, CBD may also help with dog arthritic pain, improve appetite, and more. Ensure that you only use CBD products from top-rated brands such as those mentioned above. 

Keep the dosage also within the recommended range for the best health benefits and lowest risk of side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why give dogs CBD treats?

CBD can benefit your dog in several ways to improve its health. The most notable is reducing seizure frequency.

How many CBD treats for dogs is enough?

Follow the instructions on the packaging. The dosage would be listed based on the weight of the pet. Keep it within the recommended range to limit possible side effects of CBD.

Should you use human CBD oil for dogs?

You are advised to consider using CBD oil only meant for dogs. Some CBD oils for humans might contain ingredients not well tolerated in dogs.

Are CBD dog treats available to purchase legally?

Yes. You can easily buy dog treats online or at a store near you meant for such products. This is because hemp-derived CBD is legal in the whole country.

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