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Talkspace Reviews

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  • Accepts health insurance
  • Offers multiple payment subscriptions
  • Provides audio, text, and video sessions
  • Allows therapists switch

Brand Information

  • Pioneered by Oren and Roni Frank
  • Launched in 2012
  • Headquarters in New York, USA
  • Has a vast range of licensed therapists

Medical Benefits

  • Alleviates mental wellness conditions
  • Enhances coping mechanisms for mental ailments

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About The Brand

Mental wellness encompasses our social, psychological, and emotional well-being. How we act, feel, think, and even determine how we make decisions, relate with others, and cope with stress. Mental wellness is vital at each life stage, including adulthood, adolescence, and childhood. Mental and physical health are vital elements for overall health and wellness. Poor mental state can cause depression which can significantly affect physical health by causing chronic ailments such as stroke, heart disease[1], and diabetes[2]. There are various ways we can enhance our mental health and wellness, such as journaling, exercise, meditation, therapy, and many more.

Therapy is one of the most effective ways to improve our mental state.

Also, statistics[3] show that high levels of depression and anxiety characterized the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic was significantly associated with lockdowns, therapy services were forced to improvise. Online therapy became widely popular during the Covid 19 pandemic and has continued even afterward. Gone are the days when speaking to a mental health professional while seated face-to-face. So long as you can access a strong and reliable network, you can enjoy virtual therapy with only a few clicks on your computer or mobile phone.

 The main difference between online and traditional therapy is the setting.  Virtual therapy has been shown by studies[4] to be as effective as in-person therapy.

This article offers a comprehensive online therapy review on one of the best virtual therapy platforms, Talkspace, including what it is, how it works, pricing, and many more.

What is Talkspace?

Talkspace is one of the best virtual therapy companies that was created with a mission to help everyone. Oren and Roni Frank co-founded this virtual therapy service in 2012. The company’s main objective is to completely get rid of stigmatization that is typically associated with mental wellness issues. This virtual therapy platform offers mental health treatment, including therapy and psychiatric services. You can benefit from live therapy sessions through chat, audio, phone, and messaging. Talkspace therapy is created to help diagnosed people through medication management and mental health care. Also, Talkspace works with licensed mental wellness professionals who can offer individual, couple, and teen sessions. Unlike many other online therapy services, Talkspace accepts health insurance plans.  This virtual therapy platform offers an opportunity to switch therapists in case you are matched with a mental wellness professional who no longer meets your mental wellness needs. Talkspace also provides various Unlimited Messaging Therapy subscriptions, which we shall extensively look into the pricing section.

How does Talkspace Online Therapy Work?

This virtual therapy platform has one of the best, most modern, informative, well-structured, and way to use websites. The Talkspace website is among the most significant factor in helping  the company provide top-notch therapy sessions and services. You can access a licensed therapist via Talkspace for teens, couples, and individual sessions. The website is user-friendly; therefore, navigating it is not a challenge. The first step is the sign-up process. After selecting what you need, you are directed to another page where you are supposed to fill out a questionnaire regarding your needs and preferences. The brand’s algorithm will automatically match you to a licensed mental health professional. This therapist is capable of helping you deal with the mental health issues mentioned on the online quiz. The process can take a day or two.  After that, you can choose the medical professional you prefer based on the suggestions offered by the algorithm. The last step is meeting your therapist by phone or messaging, and then you can begin your virtual therapy.

Talkspace therapy is a brief demonstration film describing its app and virtual therapy services.  The Talkspace app is effective for anyone looking for immediate mental health services.  The app offers clients an opportunity for unlimited phone, chat, audio, and messaging sessions from any gadget.


  • Offers multiple messaging therapy plans
  • Offers medication management services
  • Offers teen, individual,  and couple therapy
  • Have a reliable system security
  • Have a reliable system security
  • Works with accredited therapists
  • Offers a vast range of mental wellness treatments
  • You can switch therapists
  • Accepts a vast range of insurance plans


  • No free trial
  • Relatively pricey
  • No group therapy
  • Therapists have no online bios
  • Offers massage only option

Talkspace’s Mental Health Services Pricing

You can enjoy a live session therapy session from Talkspace by purchasing any of the three subscription packages. You can receive a free consultation from an intake coordinator who will explain the entire process and respond to any questions you might have. Depending on your subscription plan, the company offers a list of other talk-therapy alternatives ranging from $260 to $400 monthly.

The following is a list of the three subscription packages offered by Talkspace:

  • Unlimited messaging therapy Plus includes text, video and audio messaging options but has no live therapy sessions.
  • The unlimited messaging therapy premium plan includes a monthly thirty-minute live-stream therapy session and text, video and audio messaging communication options with your counselor.
  • Ultimate messaging therapy Ultimate plan includes four thirty-minute live video sessions per month, plus all the other services in the other two packages.

When you use the live session option in one month, it is not carried forward to the other month. Therefore take advantage of all the provided live sessions. The brand offers teen therapy services for adolescents aged between thirteen and seventeen. You enjoy couples counseling with your significant other in four thirty-minute live sessions per month. It also involves audio, video, messaging, and text options. Talkspace psychiatric services are not included in the talk therapy plans; you are required to pay extra. The psychiatric evaluation costs $190 initially; however, subsequent visits are discounted to $125.  Talkspace accepts insurance care plans; however, suppose you have no insurance coverage or your insurance provider does not cover Talkspace, you might incur high charges if you include psychiatric services.

Talkspace works with employers, educational institutions, and health plans to ensure mental wellness treatment is affordable and accessible for everyone.

Who Should Use Talkspace?

Talkspace virtual therapy platform is an excellent option for anyone experiencing a mental wellness crisis. The company offers highly experienced health and medical professionals. The company has onboard accredited clinical social workers, medical doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, and nurses who can handle any mental wellness issue. Some of the psychological and mental issues the company can help with are:

The list above is incomplete since Talkspace also offers therapy services to veterans. Many glowing reviews regarding Talkspace indicate that it is a highly reputable company. One of the company’s main goals is to ensure everyone can access mental wellness services.

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Best Reputation


  • Accepts health insurance
  • Offers multiple payment subscriptions
  • Provides audio, text, and video sessions
  • Allows therapists switch
  • Provides teen, individual, and couple therapy sessions

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Talkspace Reviews from Real Users

5 stars

“A flexible alternative. I now work a stressful 9-5 and need someone who could fit around my schedule. I have the freedom and flexibility to request convenient session times, and my therapist is brilliant, with many years of experience. Also, a much cheaper alternative to face-to-face sessions.”


4 stars

“I appreciate the professional and supportive team, who made an excellent experience for me on this platform. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to add this journey to my life and hope everyone could benefit from this life-changing experience.”


3 stars

“The journals and the therapy were well thought out and my therapist was thoughtful and compassionate and responded in a timely manner to my messages and journal entries even though she was in a different time zone. very impressed.”

Zoe Zuniga.

Alternative Choice

Online Therapy

Online Therapy

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  • Offers progress worksheets
  • Provides Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) online courses
  • Best for CBT
  • Does not accept health insurance
  • No 24/7 support


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  • Offers discounts at the start
  • Offers multiple subscription plans
  • Has multiple communication channels
  • Works with accredited therapist
  • No free trials
  • You cannot select your therapist
  • Short live sessions


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  • Offers therapy for groups
  • You can switch counselors
  • Has multiple communication channels
  • Vast range of accredited therapists
  • Does not cater to people below eighteen years
  • No psychiatric services

Benefits of Talkspace

We ought to take care of our mental state with the same energy we do with our physical health. If you are doubting whether virtual therapy is as effective as in-person therapy, please look at the following benefits of these services.

  • Easily accessible, so long as you have a reliable network and a phone, you easily enjoy and access telehealth services.
  • Convenient. You can access these services from any setting you please. So long as the place is quiet and private
  • Affordability. In-person therapy is more expensive compared to virtual therapy.
  • Comfortability.  Since therapy can be intimidating, especially face-to-face, you can anonymously be vulnerable and reap significant therapeutic benefits. You can have these live sessions in your office, living room, on your couch, while seated, lying down, or whichever rocks your boat.
  • You make the rules. You set the rules that are compatible with your working schedule. You can schedule therapy appointments according as you see fit.

The Talkspace Therapists

The therapists at Talkspace are psychologists (Ph.D./PsyD) who are qualified, experienced, and accredited, marriage and family therapists (MFT), licensed professional counselors (LPC), clinical social workers (LCSW), or licensed professional counselors (LPC). They all hold Master’s or Doctoral degrees in their respective fields. After completing the required coursework, tests, training, and experience, they have been qualified and certified by their state’s professional board. They all have at least three years and 1,000 hours of practical experience, notwithstanding the differences in their backgrounds, experiences, and areas of specialization.

How To Use Talkspace?

This virtual therapy platform is one of the most user-friendly, cutting-edge, educational, and well-structured websites. One of the most important components in the company’s ability to offer excellent sessions and services is its website, Talkspace. You can speak with a certified therapist through Talkspace’s couples, solo, and teen therapy sessions. Because the website is user-friendly, navigating it is not difficult. The registration process is the first stage. After making your selection, you are taken to another page where you must complete a questionnaire about your requirements and preferences. The brand’s algorithm will match you with a qualified mental wellness specialist. The assigned therapist can treat the mental health conditions listed on the online quiz. The mental wellness conditions listed on the online quiz can be resolved with the assistance of this therapist. A day or two may pass during the process. Following that, using the algorithm’s suggested medical professionals, you can make your selection. The final stage is a phone or chats consultation before starting your online treatment sessions.

For anyone looking for immediate mental wellness treatment, the Talkspace app is excellent. The app allows clients to access limitless phones, chat, audio, and massage treatment sessions from any device. A small clip-on Talkspace Therapy app and virtual therapy services are provided as a demonstration.

Are Online Therapy Services Like Talkspace Effective?

Unlike traditional therapy, virtual therapy is still new. Studies show that teletherapy is as effective as face-to-face therapy.Virtual therapy allows you to speak to a qualified therapist from any part of the world while preventing travel time, expense, and any inconveniences of a face-to-face meeting. Teletherapy has some drawbacks, such as being unable to read someone’s body language or tone variation through text and chat communication channels. Creating a supportive rapport or building trust between the patient and therapist might also not be easy. Basically, online therapy efficacy relies on various factors, such as how well you connect with your counselor. It also depends on how much effort you are willing to put in to improve your mental wellness.

Final Thought

Talkspace is one of the most reputable virtual therapy platforms. It offers the clients an opportunity to choose a therapist that best fits their preferences and needs. Customers can also switch counselors without being charged any extra . Talkspace also accepts various insurance coverages, making their services more affordable. The brand also ensures everyone can access mental care services by partnering with companies to offer employee assistance services. Talkspace works with a vast range of healthcare professionals; therefore, you can be guaranteed stellar quality and legit services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Talkspace psychiatric services cost?

You can enjoy Talkspace psychiatry for s $190 initially; however, subsequent visits are discounted to $125.

Do they offer a free trial?

No, but you can receive a free consultation from an intake coordinator whose task is to explain the entire process and respond to any question you might have.

Does the subscription plan include psychiatric services?

Suppose you have no insurance coverage or your insurance provider does not cover Talkspace; you might incur high charges if you include psychiatric services.

Who should not use teletherapy?

People who need immediate and close treatment; one-on-one intervention.

Can I change my subscription?

You can freeze, downgrade or level up your subscription plan anytime through the app or website.

Do they offer discounts?

Yes, however, on occasion. They range from $80 to $200.

Is it effective?

Numerous reviews indicate that teletherapy is effective.

What are the disadvantages of online therapy?

You need an internet connection; some therapists do not take insurance, and it’s not ideal for severe mental disorders.

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