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Gundry MD







Brand Information

  • Founded in 2014
  • It is a limited liability company
  • Located in Beverly Hills, CA

Medical Benefits

  • Can boost metabolism
  • Improves energy 
  • Can help with weight loss

A Quick Review Of Gundry MD Products

Weight loss

  • Tritrim – blocks the absorption of carbs and sugars
  • Active Advantage – supports better metabolism

Energy Boost

  • Energy Renew – helps a person to recover from tiring activities 

Digestive support

  • PrebioThrive- improves digestion, balances gut flora
  • Bio Complete 3 – helps deal with cravings 

Overall Health support

  • Vital Reds  – has 34 polyphenols to boost natural health
  • Olive Oil – promotes healthier arteries and better blood flow

About The Brand

Gundry MD is known worldwide for offering some of the best products to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Since the company has been in the industry for ages now, it has managed to come up with the essential products that we need for a healthier body. 

The Gundry MD products are quite many. You can get products for boosting energy, improving your leaky gut, diminishing dark spots, improving digestion, and more. So, whichever supplement you may want, check out the company to see if you can get one. 

The company is headed by Dr. Steven Gundry. Being someone who understands human anatomy, you can be sure that the products the brand makes have gone through proper research. We shall look at the top products from the company and see how they can help with your health. 

About Gundry MD Products

Dr. Steven Gundry has quite the reputation among those who take supplements for a healthier body. Since the brand makes the ingredients of the product public, more people have grown to trust the company. You could go ahead and research more about the ingredients before buying. 

Also, Gundry MD has made it a mission by venturing into different sectors of health and body. That is how you can find the brand having several options as the products for you to enjoy. You can do a lot from fixing your weight loss journey to increasing your metabolism from one brand. 
You can always look at the official website[1] of the brand to see what is available on offer. There are times you can enjoy discounts on the popular supplements the company is selling. Also, look for coupon codes online to save even more and enjoy the resultant health benefits of the supplements.

Dr. Gundry Supplements Reviews

Bio Complete 3

  • There is improved digestion 
  • You get a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Proven health benefits
  • It is an expensive product

Gundry MD is a company that promotes better health including using polyphenol-rich products. This time around you have a 3-in-1 formula combining postbiotics[2], probiotics, and prebiotics. As you can see, such a product would be ideal to improve your health in various aspects. 

The three main ingredients are CoreBiome Tributyrate, ProDURA Bacillus Coagulans, and Sunfiber. These three work together to improve your digestion so that you feel better after you eat your favorite food. Of course, there is also better absorption of the necessary nutrients too.

Active Advantage

  • It boosts your mental stamina 
  • Supports better metabolism 
  • It can help remove the free radicals
  • Not all ingredients are proven scientifically

Gundry MD understands that you need the best energy to be productive during the day. That is why the Active Advantage product is popular right now. The product is an antioxidant blend vital for boosting your metabolism, strength, and energy. All in all, it will make you more active throughout the day.

Maybe you have been working on a project that takes too long to complete. Then you need this product to boost your mental stamina and also physical endurance. Most feel younger and more mobile compared to when using other products. 

Energy Renew

  • There is significant energy increase
  • It is safer than other stimulants 
  • The energy will be sustained
  • Not all ingredients are supported by clinical trials

In case you have been feeling low on energy, sometimes you need the right supplements to boost your energy levels. That is what this formula is all about. It contains several ingredients such as beet root extract, citric acid[3], calcium silicate, hibiscus root extract, and more. All these ingredients are crucial for better health. 

Having a natural flavor should make it appealing to many people who always find supplements not taking the best. Also, Gundry MD support team will answer any questions that you might be having on the product to help you understand it even better.

Total Restore

  • It helps relieve a leaky gut
  • It improves your energy 
  • The formula is a rich source of antioxidants
  • Some users may be sensitive to the magnesium compound

Have you been experiencing a leaky gut[5] or you want to improve your gut health in general? Well, you then need the Dr. Gundry’s Total Restore supplement. The formula features up to 16 natural ingredients vital for combating digestive discomfort and also improving your gut health. 

A leaky gut is no fun for the body and your digestion too. So, this product would help improve that. The same would also improve your energy to keep you from feeling fatigued. Some even claim it helped them manage cravings and lose some weight too. 

Vital Reds

  • Can help lower blood sugar
  • It boosts your metabolism 
  • The formula can soothe indigestion
  • Some feel it takes longer to see results

This Dr. Gundry’s supplement is what you need for better health. The formula contains up to 34 superfruits which help in boosting your energy. Other than the energy, it would also lead to a healthy heart and improve your general health even as you age. 

It is quite the polyphenol blend many people are looking for. Polyphenols are also vital for creating the essential antioxidants and micronutrients. As such, you can also enjoy better digestion among other things. The 90-day money-back guarantee is also lucrative for most users. 

Olive Oil

  • Promoting healthy arteries 
  • Soothes worn-down joints
  • Improves your immune system
  • You have to use more of the olive oil to experience the benefits

Dr. Gundry’s Polyphenol-rich Olive Oil[6] is another top recommendation for those who need a healthy heart, strong muscles, and smoother skin. To make the supplement even better, it is organic extra virgin olive oil. So, you can expect to enjoy the best quality and multiple health benefits. 

There are so many ways of using this olive oil product. This includes using it as a finishing oil on your favorite foods, making a salad dressing, or even blending the formula in a smoothie. So, it is quite versatile in its use in addition to improving your digestion and nutrition intake. 

Lectin Shield

  • The ingredients are scientifically proven
  • Uses carefully selected ingredients 
  • The brand is trusted
  • Some ingredients lack clinical trial evidence

Dr. Gundry’s Lectin Shield is the first lectin blocker that may help in protecting the body. The Lectin Shield supplements do this through the help of 9 ingredients vital for blocking various lectin[7] types. As such, your health and wellness are largely improved. 

The body would now be free from the harmful effects of lectins and help you remain healthy overall. All those who have used the product also claim to achieve better digestion energy, improved nutrition, and more. It is why it remains a best-selling supplement for the company.


  • Can help boost energy
  • The supplements can remove toxins from the body
  • You can expect improved digestive tract health
  • Many find it pricey

It is hard to go wrong with this supplement especially when you are looking for the best source of prebiotics[8]. This healthy supplement contains up to five prebiotic fibers that have also been backed by science. As such, more people are willing to trust the product as a vital part of their diet and wellness. 

The five prebiotic fibers are agave inulin, guar gum, flaxseed, acacia gum, and galactooligosaccharides. Such a cutting-edge formula may leave the user feeling healthy in the end.

Dark Spot Diminisher

  • Reduces the dark sports appearance 
  • The skin gets smoother 
  • Has a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • It needs refilling more often

You may already have sun spots, liver spots[4], and age spots that make you feel insecure or you simply want to get rid of them. When it gets to this point, you should definitely consider Dr. Gundry’s Dark Spot Diminsher. Each time you use it, the formula is rich in polyphenol will improve the look of your skin. 

Other than reducing the dark spots, the product would also give your skin a smoother feel. The skin would appear healthier and vibrant even after using it for a couple of weeks. It will still protect you from the formation of newer dark spots.


  • The ingredients are lab-tested in the US
  • There is an improvement in your metabolism 
  • The supplement blocks the absorption of unnecessary calories
  • It is not 100% clinically proven

Weight loss can be harder as you grow older. You may find yourself having to try out different diets and methods to lose fat, but it seems nothing works. So, it is best to try out the Dr. Steven Gundry Tritrim supplement. It contains many ingredients that work in harmony to help you lose weight better even while on a diet. 

Other than losing weight and improving your health, the product also improves your energy. In case you like working out, you will feel that you have enough energy to plough through the different workouts with ease. So, go ahead and purchase it as it may improve weight loss results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gundry MD a legit company?

Yes. The company is fully registered and has a physical address where you can visit and get the products that you want. Or, you can buy them online too.

Is the Gundy MD Olive Oil good for you?

The Olive Oil from the company has a lot more polyphenols than traditional olive oil. This makes it good for your heart, skin, muscle, and tissues.

Is the Vital Reds supplement approved by the FDA?

No. The FDA does not evaluate or approve dietary supplements including Vital Reds. So, always do your own research before using such products.

Does the Dark Spot Diminisher actually work?

Most people find that it will work to help in reducing the dark spots, but it would take longer. So, be patient while using this type of product.

What is the guarantee on the Gundry MD products?

Most of the products from Gundry MD have a 90-day money-back guarantee. This should appeal to most people as a reliable brand with quality products.

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