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prime male review

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Prime Male








  • All-natural ingredients
  • Made in FDA approved facility
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Boosts testosterone levels
  • Enhances lean mass development
  • Regulates blood pressure

Brand Information

  • Manufactured in the United States of America
  • It consists of 12 high-potency natural ingredients
  • Suitable for men aged thirty and above
  • Available globally

Medical Benefits

  • Improves overall health
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Increases libido
  • Improves testosterone levels
  • Improves lean muscle mass
  • Regulates high blood pressure

About The Brand

Prime Male comprises twelve organic and powerful ingredients that aid the male body in achieving natural testosterone levels. Manufactured by an international sports nutrition company, Roar Ambition, Prime Male is one of the most effective testosterone boosters in the market. Roar Ambition is a pioneer in creating top-tier organic health products since it specializes in organic health development and research. This testosterone booster can be shipped globally, therefore, reaching all clients across the world. 

This testosterone booster is best for men aged thirty and beyond since this is where the testosterone levels begin declining. The main mission of Prime Male is to enhance natural testosterone production and other health benefits, such as preventing erectile dysfunction. This testosterone booster supplement contains scientifically backed-up ingredients with high potency to improve testosterone levels.

What Are Prime Male Australia?

A healthy testosterone level[1] is a crucial hormone that supports healthy sperm generation and sex drive. According to research, the testosterone levels in an average man begin to drop at age thirty and keep dropping at one percent as the years pass. Low testosterone levels negatively affect a man’s life, especially sexual performance. Mood swings, low energy levels, hypertension, weight gain, low sperm count, extreme fatigue, and overall health deterioration. Low testosterone levels are associated with diabetes, obesity, and insulin sensitivity, all of which influence the body’s general health. These conditions are primary risk factors for heart diseases such as arteriosclerosis.  

Since aging is inevitable, testosterone boosters can counter some effects by boosting natural testosterone production. Prime Male is among the most popular testosterone supplements, and this article will thoroughly review this testosterone booster and how it works.

Does It Really Work?

The increasing positive Prime Male reviews and ratings confirm that this testosterone booster works. The legitimacy, safety, and success of Prime Male speak for themselves with glowing reviews and remarkable sales. Formulated for men over age thirty and beyond, Prime Male’s ingredients have supported the supplement’s strength and effectiveness in several research, medical, and scientific journals. Customer reviews on Prime Male describe how the testosterone booster function, and scientific data offers quantitative causes. Prime Male claims that scientific data supports how it works.

Feature Product & Coupon

Prime Male

Best Reputation

Prime Male

  • Improves cognitive abilities and memory
  • Reduces mental and physical fatigue
  • Increases sexual desire, performance, and health
  • Global shipping
  • Boosts stamina, focus, and energy levels

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  • Increases natural testosterone production
  • Improves mood
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Prime Male Ingredients

Most testosterone boosters owe their potency to high-quality ingredients; therefore, knowing the ingredients involved is crucial. The potency in Prime Male can be attributed to the twelve all-organic ingredients. These vitamins and minerals work harmoniously to enhance testosterone levels and sexual performance, boost stamina, prevent estrogen production, and prevent erectile dysfunction.

Achieving prominent results from Prime Male requires committing to regular workout sessions and a healthy diet. The manufacturer claims that after two months of consistent consumption of Prime Male, you might notice emotional and physical changes. 

prime male ingredients


The following is a list of Prime Male’s most significant ingredients and how they boost the product’s potency:

Vitamin D3[2] can be directly obtained from the sun; however, most men may have its deficiency since they do not spend enough time outdoors. This testosterone booster contains Vitamin D3, which is essential for testosterone production. 

Vitamin K2[3] works with vitamin D3 to boost testosterone levels. 

Vitamin B6 increases the body’s androgen levels hence improving testosterone levels. Also, it enhances the utilization and absorption of magnesium and zinc in the body. 

Magnesium[4] lowers the body’s hormone binding globulin shbg levels which can inhibit the testosterone roles. It also speeds up muscle recovery after an intense workout.

Nettle root[5] prevents estrogen production hence lowering SHBG levels. High estrogen levels can result in low testosterone production, degrading healthy sperm production. 

Zinc[6] is needed in androgen creation which assists in testosterone production. Low zinc levels might lead to erectile dysfunction. Also, it helps in mineral absorption, boosts the immune system and cell division, and enhances protein and DNA creation.

D-Aspartic Calcium Chelate[7] is highly soluble; therefore speeds up the supplement’s absorption into the body and reduces potential stomach upset. As an amino acid, it also increases natural testosterone production. 

Black Pepper[8] does not boost T-levels; however, it helps the user benefit immensely from the rest of the ingredients.

Korean Red Ginseng[9] is scientifically proven that supports an increase in T-levels.

Boron’s main role is to help the body generate more free testosterone. It also aids in lowering estrogen levels. 

Ashwagandha[10] Extract blocks prolactin production, a female hormone that brings adverse effects to men. This component improves sexual satisfaction and fertility by boosting healthy sperm count. It also enhances the overall well-being of the user since it reduces stress.

Luteolin[11] prevents the production of estrogen in a man’s body. Also, it boosts memory and performance and contains neuroprotective, anti-oxidant, microglia-inhibiting, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Prime Male Review

Prime Male

  • Boosts natural testosterone production
  • Improves mood
  • Supports lean muscle mass
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Made of all-organic ingredients
  • Pricey
  • Available on the company’s official website only
  • Results are not immediate

Declining testosterone levels can result in negative health problems such as unhealthy weight gain, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and much more. Prime Male is formulated especially for men aged thirty and above to reduce sexual health issues. This testosterone supplement is highly reputable in the market due to its all-organic composition that supports the product’s potency. Prime Male is an excellent choice if you are thirsty and experiencing low testosterone-related health issues.

This combination of key ingredients helps prevent fat formation, burn off stored fat, suppress appetite, and increase metabolism and mood.

What Do Real Users Say?

4 stars

“I am forty-seven years old and I have the energy of a twenty year old. I am entirely grateful to Prime Male testosterone booster because at this energy sexual desire and sexual energy is typically low in most men. I have the energy to hit the gym, create bulky muscles, and my sexual health has significantly improved. My wife can attest!”

Churchill M. Arthur

4 stars

“When age catches up with you, it hits differently. I have been experiencing poor health since I turned thirty. I has gained at least thirty pound, poor sexual performance and low libido. My close friend and age mate recommended Prime Male to me and I saw great benefits after three months. I am more focused, less physically and mentally fatigued, and in better moods.”

Sean Johnstone

4 stars

“As a man, it is not uncommon to associate my self-worth with my sexualk prowess and performance. I started using Prime Male since it is designed for someone of my age. My fiance can confirm that I am a changed man since I started using this supplement. I sleep better, work out more, less stressed, and have lost weight and developed lean muscle mass.”

Christopher Smith

5 stars

“I love Prime Male, however, taking four pills or more each day is really frustrating. I am generally a forgetful person, therefore if the supplement’s dosage was once a day, I’d be happy.”

Kelly Cameron

3 stars

“ It is too expensive and sometimes I am unable to buy the bottles for monthly consumption. This might be the reason I have not seen any prominent results.”

Gideon S. Danson

Health Benefits of Prime Male

High testosterone levels influence the user’s body mentally and physically. Prime Male enables the body to generate more free testosterone and provides other health benefits. The following is a list of health benefits a male body can experience from using Prime Male:

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Improves mood
  • Boosts heart health
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Increases libido
  • Reduces physical and mental stress

Potential Side Effects

Despite this natural testosterone booster supplement providing great health benefits such as enhancing sperm quality, sperm count, sperm production, sexual performance, boosting energy levels, and many more, one can experience side effects. Most users have not reported experiencing adverse Prime Male side effects; however, some of the Prime Male side effects include allergic reactions, stomach upset, mood change, diarrhea, and mild headaches. 

Always seek medical consultation before using any testosterone booster, and keenly read the label in case you are allergic to any of the product’s ingredients.

How To Take Prime Male?

The brand recommends that the prime male supplement be orally consumed after meals, at least four times a day (one pill each time). Always adhere to the schedule until you notice prominent changes in testosterone levels and output. 

Is this Guardian Prime Male Scam or Legit?

Since research shows levels begin dropping when males turn thirty years, Prime Male is designed to counter adverse effects that follow. Prime Male contains powerful ingredients that are easily absorbed in the bloodstream and help men manage healthy testosterone levels even at thirty. These ingredients are scientifically backed up and stimulate the natural testosterone production in a male body. The product has no artificial additives; rather, it contains minerals and vitamins that occur naturally, hence mitigating the risk of side effects.

According to reviews, Prime Male testosterone booster is not a hoax; users have reported experiencing positive results that have improved their sexual and overall body health. The manufacturer also claims that the product is made in FDA-approved facilities to ensure efficacy and safety. If you have any underlying medical condition, always consult with a doctor before using Prime Male. 

Prime Male Dosage & How to Use It

This natural testosterone booster is highly bioavailable and should be consumed with water. The instructions on the label should be carefully read before taking the supplement. Prime Male’s bioavailability pimples that the product is absorbed fast into the bloodstream. The recommended dosage is taking one pill at least four times every day. 

Final Thought

From the overwhelmingly excellent Prime Male reviews, we can conclude that this product is not a scam. The brand prides itself on high-quality and all-organic ingredients that are scientifically proven to boost the natural production of testosterone. The supplement may not bring immediate results, and however, when taken consistently, the manufacturer promises that prominent results are bound to be noticed.

For improved sexual health, better sexual drive, heart health, healthy blood pressure, and better overall health, you need to exercise and eat nutritional meals. Prime Male is meant as a booster, not a magic pill; leading a healthy lifestyle will continuously improve testosterone levels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the dosage?

The manufacturer recommends the user take at least four pills daily, one pill at a time. 

What are the adverse effects of testosterone boosters?

Some severe side effects might include infertility, acne, hair thinning, low libido, testicle atrophy, and male breast hypertrophy.

Is Prime Male safe?

This testosterone booster is made of natural ingredients; therefore, it is generally safe for human consumption.

Does it work?

According to the reviews, it does. It comes with the necessary certifications and observes FDA guidelines in production. 

How long should I expect to see results?

According to the brand, it raises testosterone levels by up to forty-two percent within the first twelve days. However, results may differ from one user to another since humans have different biological compositions.

How fast will the body absorb it?

The Bioperine in Prime Male speeds up its bioavailability; therefore, it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Can I use Prime Male when using other medications?

This depends on various factors, such as your underlying condition and the drugs prescribed; however, always consult a medical professional first. 

Do I have to exercise when using a prime male?

A healthy diet and exercise are highly recommended since this is not a magic pill. Building lean muscle and strength needs more than a booster pill.

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