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  • The website offers an easy and fast STD testing process.
  • The tests do not have stringent requirements like fasting, swabbing, or undressing.
  • They help with early HIV detection.
  • The site offers doctor’s consultations.
  • The site guarantees client confidentiality.

Brand Information

  • The company is based in Houston, Texas.
  • They offer all STD screening tests plus HIV.
  • The company has 4,500 active testing centers.
  • STDCheck is FDA and CLIA-approved.

Medical Benefits

  • Early detection of HIV helps one lead a healthier life.
  • Early detection helps you get treatment early and avoid transmission to others.

About The Brand

STDCheck’s innovative STD test services have revolutionized how people learn about their STD status. They provide a more convenient way to access and process results enabling customers to access privacy while still receiving testing in certified nearby labs across North America.

This review will tell you all the details on the value, quality, convenience, and privacy of using this service for individual tests.

Feature Product & Coupon

  • The FDA has given its approval to the STD check testing procedure.
  • Payment and medical records are kept private.
  • Their doctors are available for consultation at no cost. Reasonable rates. Individual tests and packages are both available.
  • Only available in the United States.
  • To safeguard your privacy, the company does accept your health insurance.
  • There are no diagnostics for mycoplasma genitalium or trichomoniasis available.

Is STDCheck A Scam? is a legitimate website that provides many STD tests to its users at the click of a button at an affordable price, with quick results and no hassle. You can read review from other sites and people who have used them before to find out if it’s safe or not.

Here are some of the things that show that the STDcheck scam is not valid:

  • A competent doctor oversees each STD test.
  • STDcheck is the only online accurate STD testing service that offers an FDA-approved HIV RNA early detection test.
  • CLIA  has certified each of the company’s 4,500 standard testing labs.
  • The Better Business Bureau also accredits STDcheck. As a result, that’s a highly encouraging indicator.
  • This std tests company also has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, owing to its reliable results and FDA-approved STDCheck testing process.

The company is a legitimate and trusted organization that has been featured in numerous media outlets. It offers high-quality testing procedures that are confidential and affordable for many people who cannot afford other types of medical care or time off work. To have this done at home, you need to order the home test kits with their own personal doctor’s supervision if required.

How Does It Work?

STDcheck is the only testing provider company that enables you to order an STD test package from home, anytime. You can do so by browsing their selection of tests and choosing which one fits your needs best, all while being in complete privacy with no need for any referrals or prescriptions!

Once ordered, they will deliver it right away at an affordable price without worrying about getting let down because not everyone has health insurance covering doctor consultation visits. covers everything, including lab fees as well.

Here is how the testing process works:

Step 1: Order Your STD Test

Go to and select the individual tests or packages you want. Every test is FDA-approved.

Next, contact the company by calling them for quick ordering with a credit card, or you can select “Pay Later.” If that’s not possible at that moment— don’t worry because you will pay before gaining access to test results, so there won’t be any extra or hidden costs if something comes back abnormal later down the road.

Step 2: Select The Testing Center You Want

The website can help you find the nearest testing center that’s convenient for you to visit. You’ll enter your zip code or let the site search via GPS and show all nearby labs where tests are available, including their opening times.

Most centers have Monday-Friday business hours during standard time zones, but some also offer Saturday services. There are 4,500 testing centers, some offering same-day testing services.

Once on this page, choose wisely because it just takes one tick of those little boxes below. You will also offer optional personal information, which includes things like first name, gender, date of birth, and preferred mode of payment, to mention a few.

After this step, you will receive your personal test code. Finally, let the company know how they will reach you via email as soon as possible after receiving your personal test code.

Step 3: Visit The Test Center You Selected

It’s easy to get tested. You can visit a local pharmacy or lab at your convenience, and there is no need for an appointment, though you will have the option of waiting in line if necessary. There isn’t even any paperwork that needs filling out when arriving, as you will have done this part online before arrival.

All the tests involve simply showing up with your ID and then getting started right away. The entire process usually takes around five minutes, and the 10-test panel collects your blood samples and gets started on the screening.

Step 4: Getting Back Your Results

Expect to receive your STD test results back within one or two working days, though most users get their results in less than 24 hours. This is among the fastest turnaround times available.

You can choose between receiving them via STDCheck text, email, and phone call, an incredibly convenient option if you share a phone or email account with someone else.

All in all, the company is happy that their customers are always willing to contact them at 1-800-456-2323 any time of day to answer all questions related to the testing process.

Step 5: Get A Free Doctor’s Consultation If You Test Positive

Suppose a person tests positive on an HIV RNA test or herpes; they can take advantage of this excellent additional value by calling STDcheck’s doctors on their line. If you test positive, they will answer any questions about the next steps.

They also prescribe treatment for any STDs. Their services provide peace of mind knowing what you need to do for treatment or recovery from an STD.

Send Anonymous Tip

Sometimes one would like their partner to get tested so that they are both in excellent health. But let’s be honest, this conversation might be tricky. has a unique feature in that it provides a 100% anonymous way of notifying your partner(s) about the positive result.

Unlike most sites, STDcheck doesn’t ask for any personal information and instead only advises them to order at-home test kits if they want to do it independently. However, an in-office visit might be better.

Available Test In

Here is a list of all the FDA-approved tests that you can get from

Herpes I & II Testing

Herpes[1] is a virus contracted through skin-to-skin contact, oral sex, or an infected partner’s tears. Early detection and proper treatment are essential in managing the symptoms of this condition. However, it doesn’t always go away by itself, which is why many people with Herpes don’t know they have it until their first outbreak occurs.

At STDcheck, they offer testing using immunoassay techniques to detect IgG antibodies associated with infection, such as those found from specific strains[2] within cold sores:

  • HSV I,
  • HSV II,
  • HSV III,
  • HSV IV.

These tests work well at accurately determining if someone carries herpes simplex type 1 (HSV1), 2 3 4 6 even when there aren’t any physical signs. The accuracy for this test on STDCheck is 97-99% when exposed after 4-6 weeks. When you get to 6 weeks, it gets to 99%.

Chlamydia Testing

Nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs) are the best way to diagnose chlamydia.[3] They’re also FDA-approved and available on STDcheck. You need to send a urine sample to get results.

This testing is faster than with other methods like culture or PCR protocols which take more time depending on the location of the testing. For NAATs, there is no need at all for swabs or prickings because these don’t hurt. The accuracy of this test is 99.3%.

Gonorrhea Testing

Gonorrhea is a common STD that may lead to painful outbreaks. The recommended test for gonorrheal infections includes taking a small urine sample and testing it using a Nucleic Acid Amplification Test (NAAT).[4] NAATs work by looking for bacteria called Neisseria Gonorrhoeae,[5] which, if present, means you have the condition of gonorrhea in your system. Don’t urinate before testing, as this could invalidate results.

Antibiotics usually help one clear out gonorrhea.

HIV Antibody Test (4th Gen)

HIV infection can be detected with the help of a new test called an HIV duo test.[6] It’s capable because it looks for both antigens and antibodies, which are proteins created in response to viruses like Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The testing process works by identifying these markers[7] as signs that you might have been recently exposed to or infected with HIV.

The antigens are what make up the virus, and finding them helps in diagnosing a patient. The lab testing process is more straightforward if they exist because you can conduct confirmatory tests without paying an extra fee for them too! According to the website, these highly accurate results come out at 99% accuracy or higher. This makes it worth choosing them to do your blood or urine work.

HIV RNA Early Detection Testing

If you think, for some reason, that may have exposed your body to HIV recently— then please get tested immediately. STDcheck provides a safe and accurate RNA test that the FDA has approved, an organization we all trust with our safety. The difference between these two is easy enough: they look precisely at what’s present instead of trying to identify antibodies or antigens to find out if there are any viruses around. This allows earlier detection since it won’t take as long as other types when checking for something specific.

This test has an accuracy of 99.83%, making it very reliable.

You need blood samples and then you wait for the results for 2 to 4 days.

10 Test Panel For STDs

A person with an STD can have symptoms, but they might not show up right away. Also, having one or more STDs increases your chances of contracting other diseases too. To avoid this headache-inducing problem and still get tested for the ones that matter most in life, like HPV (genital warts), you should opt for a test package that detects all common infections instead. It will also save you some money upfront since knows nothing beats peace of mind when dealing with health issues such as these.

STDcheck is your one-stop shop for all things STI and sexually transmitted infection-related. Their 10-test panel offers comprehensive testing, diagnosing you from any of the prevalent infections such as HCV[8] 1A/B (Hepatitis C), chlamydia, or syphilis[9] – to name a few.

These tests will facilitate a swift diagnosis, allowing for immediate treatment initiation if required. So don’t hesitate to acquire your health tests lab analysis before it’s too late.

Alternatives To



See PlannedParenthood Review

  • All main STD tests, including trichomoniasis and chlamydia testing, are available.
  • The prices are really reasonable.
  • A large number of testing labs are available.
  • The brand does not have much recognition in the industry.


See PrioritySTDTesting Review

  • Individual tests and packages are both available.
  • Doctor consultations and
  • They offer confidential STD testing.
  • Customer service is poor.
MyLab Box

MyLab Box

See MyLab Box Review

  • It employs the most advanced blood sampling method, capillary testing, which is painless and accurate.
  • MyLAB Box offers the greatest support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you test positive.
  • Currently, myLAB Box does not test for oral herpes or Gardnerella.
  • They do not offer STD testing outside of the United States.

Precautions When Using STDCheck is very serious about their client’s privacy. Here are some of the things they do to ensure that your testing history remains anonymous:

They Do Not Accept Health Insurance

The idea of not having health insurance for an STD test can seem like such a bummer. However, there’s an upside! This company doesn’t accept any form or type of coverage to offer you complete anonymity during your visit with them.

This ensures maximum privacy which includes everyone without prejudice from social status.

Discrete Payment

STDcheck will never know you underwent an STD test, thanks to their billing service that uses HealthLabs as cover.

Health Labs is one of America’s premier healthcare providers and owners of this company, so even if someone gets access to any payment records, they won’t be able to find out about your visit because it’s just under “HealthLab” instead.

Impenetrable Data Storage Systems

You can rest assured that your personal information is safe when you use to get tested for STDs. They use 128-bit SSL encryption and the HL7 interface, making it very difficult (if not impossible) for anyone else to access what’s on their server without permission.

Encrypted Notifications On Your Email

STDcheck ensures that they don’t send any notifications that include information about STDs and tests unless you give them approval. They also make sure the medical records are only sent to those who need them by not calling or texting except in an emergency situation when someone has expressed their consent beforehand.

Anonymous Notifications To Your Partner

STDcheck is a company that lets you notify your past sexual partners if you’ve tested positive for any STDs. They never disclose names and instead send an anonymous message on their behalf, but let’s hope they get some excellent responses because this could help reduce the spread.

Other Precautions

The best thing to be cautious about using is that you need to call to ensure the availability of the test center to avoid waiting for too long. On payments, you are not supposed to pay anything when you get to the test centers. If this happens, you need to report it.

You also have to note that some tests might require particular actions like not urinating before the test. To confirm this, always call the clinic where you have the scheduled testing.

What Do Users Say About STDCheck?

With this being said, you might want to check out what real users say about the brand, their excellent customer service, their free shipping,  and other services of the company. 

You’ll be glad to know that most of Kat’s reviews range from a 3-star review to a 5-star review showing how much effort they give to please their customers. 

I use STDcheck. It’s not a kit. Basically, it is just a streamlined and less embarrassing way to get checked. Plus, you don’t have to make a doctor’s appointment. You pay online then they give you the choice of what lab you want to use. You go to the lab (I use the exact same lab I use when I see my doctor), give blood and piss, and they give you your full results online. I was very happy with it.

Catfarts 99

I do std check the ~200 one, 10 panels and have been very happy with the convenience and the turnaround time.


I did a test on Saturday last week, and I got a result on Tuesday this week. Thank you for the quick result.

User on website

The site is very easy to use and straightforward, I would recommend. Second time visiting this lab, very nice people. Helpful and quick, got my results in just a few days.


The Bottom Line

With, you can have peace of mind knowing that your information will be protected and kept safe from any prying eyes or malicious hackers who may want it for themselves.

This company is an excellent choice because not only do they offer super-fast results, but FDA guidelines have approved the tests. This means no one else has access to them besides those looking specifically at your file name during testing periods.

STDcheck is here to help you find peace of mind. They have a well-designed testing process that can save someone from the stressful situation caused by sexually transmitted diseases, no matter what it may be! So, yes, it is worth buying a home test kit or scheduling testing at any of their 4,500 testing facilities to evaluate your sexual health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the FDA approve

The Food and Drug Administration has approved or cleared all of the tests offers. They are the only HIV RNA Early Detection Test that the FDA has approved. You can rest assured that they adhere to all federal and state testing regulations.

How long does it take for to provide results?

Your results will be available in your private online account within 1-2 days. STD testing is quick and straightforward with us.

Is a secure site? provides a secure STD testing service. All tests taken at one of their 4,500 test sites are confidential, and your personal information is kept safe throughout the procedure.

What methods do Doctors use to collect samples for STDs testing?

A sample of blood (from either a blood draw or a finger prick), A sample of urine, A swab of the mouth’s insides, or A genital swab, such as the urethra in men and the cervix in women
They swab discharge or sores.

Is it possible to pay by STDcheck using my insurance company’s coverage?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It is crucial to preserve your privacy. An insurance company will need you to submit information about your medical expenses, including the types of tests you have undergone. As a result, the STDcheck does not take insurance as a form of payment.

At, what STD tests are available?

Individual STD tests are offered for chlamydia, gonorrhea, oral herpes, genital herpes, Hepatitis A, B, and C, HIV antibody, HIV RNA, and syphilis. The packages provided are 10 Test Panel, Chlamydia & Gonorrhea, and Herpes I & II.

Can I put my trust in

Yes, STDcheck is an entirely acceptable means of obtaining accurate STD testing. The company allows people to test for various STDs in a private setting, making us all safer and healthier.

Is a reliable source of information?

Yes, STDcheck is an entirely acceptable means of obtaining accurate STD testing. The company allows people to test for various STDs in a private setting, making you safer and healthier.

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