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      King Institute is situated on the bank of River Adyar, on a vast expanse of land, admidst plenty of greenery. It was established in 1899 and named after Lt. Col. W.G. King, The then Sanitary Commissioner of Madras Presidency. The main red building that houses Director's office has been brought under Archaeological Society of India recognized for its heritage value.

      King Institute of Preventive Medicine and Research is unique in its activities functioning under Director of Medical Education and Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu. The Institute has been established keeping in mind protection of mankind from scourging infections. It was one of the major institutions in India responsible for eradicating small pox by the production of quality vaccine. The King institute has gradually grown with all round scientific and technological advancements. To this date it is one of the referral centers for bacterial and viral diseases in Tamil Nadu.

      Multivarious activities of king institute includes International Vaccination Centre, Board of Paramedical Education, quality control of schedule C & C1 drugs, manufacturing of anti snake venom serum, diagnostic reagents (Antigens and Antisera), maintenance and supply of bacterial cultures, small animals, school of laboratory technology, bacterial and virological diagnosis, V.V.I.P. Food sample testing, etc.,

      There is a well maintained stable and qualified veterinarians available.