50% Off Spruce CBD Coupon Codes 2024 (Active & Limited)

15% OFF
  • Discount applies to selected products 
  • This offer is only available online
  • One per person
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Doesn't expire
50% OFF
  • Applies on Deep Chill CBD lotion
  • Can only use it once
  • May expire soon
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Expired on: 29-08-2021
10% OFF
  • Can be used once only
  • Enter your email to get this
  • Works for different CBD products
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Doesn't expire
15% OFF
  • Applies to all products
  • Referrals excluded 
  • Only used once
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Expired on: 04-09-2021
15% OFF
  • Apply to all CBD products
  • No code needed
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Expired on: 31-08-2021

About Spruce CBD Discount

You may be in the market for the best CBD products, but you have no idea where to start looking for them. In that case, we recommend that you pick Spruce CBD to enjoy high-quality CBD in different forms. 

Whenever you are buying CBD products, saving some money on them is not a bad thing. Enter the best Spruce CBD coupons. The best Spruce CBD coupon code or promo code will be highly desirable among buyers. They can save as much as 50% off their order. That is a good amount to get even more CBD products. 

If you are interested in such coupon codes, keep reading the guide to find out a lot more. 


  • Amazing customer support
  • Offers good value
  • Features ethanol extraction method
  • Products are gluten-free 

General Information

  • Hemp source: family-owned farms
  • Founded in 2018
  • Located in Raleigh, NC
  • Has impressively potent products

Will These Spruce CBD Coupons Work?

There will always be many Spruce CBD promo codes in August 2021, but will they work. When you first find a Spruce CBD coupon code, ensure that you check the expiry date. This is because the coupons will have a limited time when they can be used. If the coupon has not yet expired, you should be good to use it.

How to find Spruce CBD Coupons?

It is not that hard to find Spruce CBD coupon codes online. When you do a simple Google search, you can also get the Spruce CBD coupons and promo codes. Most if not all spruce CBD products can get a promo code applied to them. Well, it is best to look at the conditions and terms of the promo codes to see where they apply best. 

They may also have a limited time encoded to them. So, check that too to see if the CBD coupons are still viable. 

How Do I Use Spruce CBD Coupon Code?

Step 1:Find the coupon code

Find the coupon code

The first step is to find the Spruce CBD coupon code. Like in this case, it is “HEALTHCANAL”. You may have to click on labels such as “GET THE CODE” or any other depending on the website to reveal the coupon code. 

Some will have a link that takes you to the Spruce CBD website directly and start shopping, then the coupon code can be applied later.

Step 2: Select the products you want

Select the products you want

Now that you have your Spruce CBD coupon code start adding the CBD products to cart. Once you are done, proceed to the checkout page where you can apply the coupon code.

Step 3: Apply the coupon code

Apply the coupon code

On the checkout page, you will have a section where you can now insert the Spruce CBD promo codes or coupon codes. Use the coupon code you found earlier to get your discounts. Depending on the code, you can even save 15% off Spruce CBD products.

Step 4:  Finalize the order

Finalize the order

If the coupon code is still valid, it will be authenticated and you will see your savings. Just like that, you can now finalize your order and wait for it to be shipped to you.

Alternatives to Spruce CBD



See Medterra Coupon

  • Multiple product bundles
  • It can ship internationally
  • Extensi
  • Has outdated COAs


Plus CBD Oil

See Plus CBD Oil Coupon

  • Affordable CBD products
  • Multiple flavors and variants
  • Intuitive website
  • No information on hemp source

Penguin CBD

See Penguin CBD Coupon

  • Free shipping for US customers
  • Non-GMO hemp source
  • Allows third-party lab testing
  • Limited product options

Saving Tips

You can always save more when you look for more Spruce CBD coupon codes. Remember that you cannot use the same coupon code twice. So, if you can seek more Spruce CBD coupon codes, you can be sure that you will end up saving more on the purchase. 

We recommend that you check out Healthcanal more often for any updated promo codes on Spruce CBD products. We always ensure that our spruce CBD coupons are updated to help you save more money.

Spruce CBD Overview

Company’s Background

Spruce CBD is known for its contribution in the CBD industry. The brand has several CBD products that help with various health issues you might be facing. It could be chronic pain, anxiety, stress, or any other condition CBD can help with. 

Spruce CBD has managed to stay ahead of its competitors thanks to various distinct features the company has to offer. Some of them include using 100% non-GMO and organic hemp plants. This would be great news for those who hope to achieve safe products to enjoy the effects of CBD. 

Spruce CBD products are known for not having any genetic manipulation and also chemicals and toxins. This is because no unapproved pesticides are used in this whole process. Considering there are lab reports that show the ingredients of the CBD products, you will be comfortable using their products. 

To help you pick their products, you will get that Spruce CBD also offers discount codes. And sometimes you can be eligible for free shipping. Check the company shipping policy to see where it applies. 

The spruce CBD coupon codes and Spruce CBD promo codes are among the best in terms of savings. You can always scout for the promo codes on different websites to find the best deals. Some promo codes can give you up to 50% off easily. 

What CBD products do they sell?

Spruce CBD sells several products. They include CBD oils, creams & salves, and sleep products. Under each category, you would find several options mostly in terms of concentration. Like for CBD oil, you would get some having moderate potency while others having maximum potency. 

You would also get different flavors for CBD oil. It is expected that anyone who wants CBD oil might have a preference for the flavor. 

The CBD salves and creams are also categorized accordingly. You will find some for targeted relief while others offer more potency if that is something you need. 

Each of the product types is eligible for Spruce CBD coupon codes. If you have the right coupon or Spruce CBD promo codes, you can save 15% or even more. It all comes down to what type of Spruce CBD coupon code you found. 

Customer Service

Spruce CBD did not become top-rated for merely having CBD products. There is a lot more that went into making it a top brand. One of the things is that Spruce CBD has the best customer service that clients want. 

If you ever want to end up with the best CBD product, you can consult with Spruce CBD. You will simply talk to the customer service and get all the relevant information that you want. Also, even if you send an email, it gets faster replies. As such, you should get all the right content for decision making. 

The customer service can also help you get free shipping where applicable. Of course when you have the Spruce CBD coupon codes and Spruce CBD promo codes, you can save 15% or even more. Who would not want to save money on their purchases?

Be on the lookout for promo codes from Spruce CBD to ensure that you can save a lot more the next time you want CBD products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What strength of CBD should you use?

Spruce CBD recommends that you start with the 750mg full-spectrum CBD oil. You can opt for a stronger potency with time. Stick to 1 full dropper twice a day if you are new to CBD.

How long before you can notice CBD effects?

It depends on what you are using it for. It can take 30 minutes, 2 hours, or even three days to experience full improvement in the symptoms.

Does Spruce CBD offer discount codes more often?

Yes. If you ever want to save on buying CBD, consider searching for Spruce CBD coupon codes from different known websites. You can always save something when using coupon codes.

Does Spruce CBD do third-party testing?

Yes. The company does third=party lab testing and the reports are available for you to read. You should find the company transparent because of this. 

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