Best Seed Banks 2024: Buy Cannabis Seeds Online In The USA


Reviewed by Kathy Shattler, MS, RDN

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best seed banks


  • Educational resources
  • Germination guarantee
  • Free shipping
best seed banks

MSNL Seed Bank

  • Two decades of relevant experience 
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Stealth shipping
best seed banks

Crop King Seeds

  • Best seeds from multiple breeders
  • Ships worldwide
  • Multiple payment methods

Growing cannabis yourself is a lot of work. Proper care starts before germination and lasts throughout the plant’s life. However, if you plant terrible seeds, you will have trouble with your harvest, irrespective of how much love and care you show the plant. Hence, choosing the source for your cannabis seeds carefully is essential for a bountiful harvest. 

Buying cannabis seeds is a lot easier, with numerous online shops available to cater to your needs. However, the number of online shops available makes it hard to know who to trust. Some growers complain of receiving seed batches that fail to grow. In addition to receiving viable seeds with each purchase, receiving aftercare instructions will help you along your cultivation journey. This Health Canal guide will show you some of the best seed banks that you can trust online.

Best Seed Banks On The Market In (June. 2024)

  • ILGM – Best Overall
  • MSNL Seed Bank – Editor’s choice
  • Crop King Seeds – Best Medicinal Seeds
  • Seedsman – Best Variety
  • Ministry of Cannabis – Best Feminized and Auto-Flower Seeds
  • Gorilla Seed – Best Value
  • Mary Jane’s Garden – Fastest Shipping

Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

The laws guiding the online purchase and growth of marijuana seeds vary from state to state. There is no universal law that covers buying marijuana seeds and growing your marijuana plants in all 50 US states. 

Some online seed banks are knowledgeable about the laws of some states and share this information freely on their website. However, they will not share in the responsibility of the legal consequences that may result if you violate your state’s regulation. So, before ordering marijuana seeds from seed banks in the United States, review your local laws. At the end of the day, you must research your state’s regulations before placing your order for weed seeds online so that you can avoid possible legal troubles.

7 Best Seed Banks (Online) That Ship To The USA


ILGM gives customers high-quality cannabis seeds with a unique germination guarantee. In addition, their blog and forums give growers useful information to support the process.

  • Useful information on the blog
  • Germination guarantee
  • Free shipping to the US
  • Cannot reach customer support by phone
  • Fewer strains

Robert Bergman originally started the I Love Growing Marijuana website to share his nearly 25 years of marijuana growing knowledge. The information he shared with readers helped lots of newbies and experienced growers with the knowledge to grow marijuana successfully. 

Soon enough, Robert Bergman extended his services to include providing viable cannabis seeds for cannabis growers. The ILGM website contains lots of useful information on growing marijuana. If you are still a novice or looking for trustworthy information about growing cannabis, you should visit the ILGM website. The ILGM forums also provide information on interesting topics such as hydroponics, beneficial microbes, and soil building.

ILGM offers multiple cannabis strains, but its catalog is limited. So, you may have trouble finding some unusual marijuana strains. If you want some variety,  their mix packs offer just that. The ILGM discounts are a great way to save when shopping for quality marijuana seeds. ILGM offers free shipping and will also ship out replacement seeds to you at no extra cost if something happens to your order before it gets to you.

MSNL Seed Bank

Since 1999, Marijuana Seeds NL has committed to giving customers cannabis seeds of the highest quality. Their rewards program for loyal customers helps you save money too.

  • Stealth shipping 
  • Reward program 
  • Started in 1999
  • Germination guarantee not clear
  • Customer support may be slow

With over two decades of experience, Marijuana Seeds NL is one of the biggest names in online seed banks. These years of experience have helped push MSNL to the position as one of the foremost cannabis seed providers. Their impressive product catalog includes auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and regular seeds. So, finding seeds that you are comfortable with is a lot easier. 

Customer satisfaction is a priority at MSNL. They only send out seeds that are less than four months old. Since your seeds are fresh, they have a better chance of germinating. The easy-to-navigate MSNL website makes placing your orders hassle-free. If you have any trouble, their comprehensive FAQ page can answer your questions. However, if you cannot find the answers you are searching for, their customer support team is ready to help you out when you send them a message.

MSNL delivers your orders to you via stealth shipping. They offer lots of discounts and reward programs. So, you can save some coins with each purchase. Who does not love freebies? MSNL offers free seeds with your purchase. They also reward loyal customers with the MSNL rewards program. Shopping more will earn you more points. The best part is that your earned points do not have an expiration date, so you can enjoy your discount whenever you order again.

Crop King Seeds

Crop King offers stealth shipping worldwide. Their catalog contains high-quality cannabis seeds from some of the best breeders.

  • Work with multiple breeders
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Multiple payment methods are available
  • Cost more than some alternatives

Crop King Seeds has teamed up with some of the most trustworthy breeders to ensure that customers get the most potent cannabis. They offer a variety of cannabis strains, including medicinal seeds. If your seeds fail to grow, you can simply notify Crop King Seeds, and they will send out replacement seeds. The best part is that you will not have to pay for the replacement seeds.  

If you ever need customer support, you have multiple channels to reach the customer support team. The Crop King Seeds customer support channels include a physical mailing address, live chat, email, and a toll-free phone number. Between these options, your dispute should be resolved as quickly as possible. 

Navigating the Crop King Seeds website is a breeze.  You can access it on your device with internet access, including your mobile phone. Crop King Seeds delivers your marijuana seeds to your address via stealth shipping. They accept payment in bitcoin, too, if you would like to keep your purchase discreet.


Offering one of the largest collections of cannabis seeds, Seedsman is a popular choice. They deliver worldwide and reward loyal customers with discounts.

  • Diverse strain collection
  • Ships worldwide
  • Rewards loyal customers
  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Delivery insurance costs extra

Seedsman is like the candy store of cannabis seeds. They sell seeds of over 3000 cannabis species, so it is nearly impossible to not find something that suits your needs. While Seedsman does not breed the marijuana seeds themselves, they are still committed to ensuring that they sell only excellent quality seeds. They get seeds from over 60 sources around the world. That means that you have access to the one-stop shop for the best of the best cannabis seeds available. 

Many people who have ordered from the Seedsman website are pleased with their purchase. You should have no problem placing your order for seeds, thanks to the user-friendly Seedsman website. Seedsman may not be the most affordable online seed bank but they have programs that can help slash the price for you. For instance, when you pay with Bitcoin or shop with them for the first time, you may get a discount on your bill. The Seedsman loyalty program is another way to cut your spending. 

Seedsman does not offer free product delivery, unlike some other seed banks. You will also be charged delivery insurance fees. Many customers complain about the heavy shipping charges but are often happy with the product quality they receive.

Gorilla Seed

Gorilla Seed ensures that getting great quality cannabis seeds is still possible for you even if you are on a tight budget. They accept the return of the unopened packages and offer refunds too.

  • Allows refunds and returns
  • Convenient website interface
  • Moderate prices
  • Extensive collection of strains
  • No germination guarantee

While Gorilla Seed is a relative newcomer in the Cannabis seed bank industry, they have earned their place among the best. The company’s founders have over 40 years of experience growing marijuana. Their knowledge of what works and does not work when it comes to growing the best cannabis plant contributes to the brand’s success. Out of frustration with the subpar service that he was receiving from multiple seed banks over the years, Gorilla Seed’s founder decided to get into the market. 

At Gorilla Seed, customer satisfaction and excellent quality are the watchwords. That is why they keep their prices affordable and their product quality high. Loyal customers get free seeds on purchases over a specified price. You can get free seeds when you pay with Bitcoin as a reward. Therefore, the best quality marijuana seeds do not have to cost an arm and a leg. 

Gorilla Seed offers over 4500 cannabis seed strains from multiple breeders. Their selection catalog has something for you to suit your preferences. So, you can get outdoor growing, indoor growing, greenhouse growing, feminized seeds, auto-flower seeds, and medical strains. Furthermore, navigating through the Gorilla Seed website does not require excellent IT skills. Users generally have no trouble placing their orders.

Nevertheless, if you face any challenges, getting customer support is easy when shopping with Gorilla Seed. You can contact customer service representatives via email, phone, or Facebook Messenger. Unlike other seed banks, they allow returns and refunds. However, their seeds do not come with a germination guarantee. You will also need to pay extra for a stealth shipping guarantee if you want replacement seeds for lost orders.

Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis seeds is some of the best quality cannabis seeds you can find. They also offer some exclusive hybrids.

  • Stealth shipping 
  • Multiple payment methods 
  • Guaranteed germination 
  • Order tracking
  • Limited strains available

Out of Spain, the Ministry of Cannabis sends out the best-handpicked cannabis seeds worldwide. Their stealth shipping provides discreet delivery of your cannabis seeds order. Additionally, you can buy other items with your cannabis order to facilitate stealth shipping. The Ministry of Cannabis catalog is not the largest, but it contains some unique cannabis seed strains you can experiment with. Using their vast knowledge developed over the years from top growers and seed banks, the Ministry of Cannabis developed their hybrid seeds. So, whether you want to be adventurous and try something new or you would prefer to play safe with traditional strains, the Ministry of Cannabis has got your back.

Since the Ministry of Cannabis breeds their marijuana seeds themselves, they have complete control over the quality of seeds they produce and ship to customers. 

Ministry of Cannabis seeds is available at competitive prices. They sell mixed seed packs.  These packages contain six seeds so that you can try growing multiple cannabis plants cost-effectively. 

For many newbies, the cannabis cultivation process can seem overly complex. Even if you are not a newbie, you may still have some questions, especially when handling an unfamiliar strain. Ministry of Cannabis can support you through your cultivation process. Their blogs and FAQ section contain lots of information that can guide you through this journey. 

Mary Jane’s Garden

Mary Jane’s Garden prides itself on being the fastest marijuana seed shippers. They process orders quickly to ensure your top-quality seeds get to you as soon as possible.

  • Same-day shipping
  • High product delivery success rate
  • High-quality seeds
  • Does not accept bank transfer

For shoppers from the US, you will not need to wait too long for your order from Mary Jane’s Garden. They offer same-day shipping, so your order may get to you within 1-3 weeks. Their 90% delivery success rate reassures you that your order will arrive as soon as possible. 

They use high-quality production processes and take quality control measures for cannabis seed production to ensure that you get only the best quality seeds. What happens when you face challenges placing your order on the Mary Jane’s Garden website? Simply contact the Mary Jane’s Garden customer support line. 

How To Choose The Best Seed Banks Online?

Germination Guarantee 

The best online seed banks offer germination guarantees. That means that you will get replacement seeds if your batch fails to grow.  This guarantee saves you from the risk of paying for non-viable marijuana seeds. The germination guarantee also speaks to the brand’s dedication to customer satisfaction. The best cannabis seed bank specially selects the seeds they send out to you to ensure they are of excellent quality. 

Stealth Shipping 

When choosing the cannabis seed banks to buy from, confirm that they offer stealth shipping.  With so many variations in cannabis laws among various states, there is a slight risk that your package may get confiscated while on its way to you. Marijuana seed banks that offer stealth shipping guarantee your order’s arrival at your address. If your weed seeds are held back due to trouble with customs, the brand will offer a replacement. However, stealth shipping does not replace lost packages due to errors entering your address. 

Customer Service 

When shopping for cannabis seeds online, you will need to consider the company’s customer service channels. When you face trouble placing your order, having a responsive customer support team respond and resolve your challenge is a relief. 


There is nothing like honest customer reviews to help you understand a brand’s services. Previous customers will likely mention their experience with the brand including the process of placing orders and the quality of seeds received. We reviewed customer reviews in creating our guide to the best seed banks in the US. 


Excellent quality does not always come cheap. However, buying within your budget is also important. Finding a brand that provides excellent quality cannabis seeds while remaining within your financial budget is crucial. Our review of the new marijuana seed banks that ship to the US includes several brands that offer great quality marijuana seeds at an affordable price. So, you should find one that fits into your budget without compromising on quality. 

Some online Marijuana seed banks help loyal customers save more money by offering free seeds and exclusive discounts. Check the website to see what discount offers you can take advantage of to get huge savings. Some marijuana seed banks offer free shipping too. 

Payment Method

Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are an acceptable form of payment on many online seed banks. It is the preferred payment on some cannabis seed banks, and they give out free seeds as a reward to customers who pay using Bitcoin. Credit card and debit card payment is also possible on online seed banks. Other popular payment methods on online seed banks include cash payment and bank transfers. Check to see what payment option is most convenient for you.  

Educational Materials 

If you are a newbie trying to grow your marijuana plant, getting educational resources that support your journey will contribute to your success. Even if You have already some experience growing cannabis seeds, the informational blog posts can help add to your existing knowledge. Some of the best marijuana seed banks operate online forums where people growing cannabis like you can share information about the process.

These resources can guide you from planting to the harvest stage so that you have a higher chance of success.

Available Strains

Brands with a wide variety of strains give you more options to choose from. Some brands also offer beginner-friendly marijuana strains. That means that these strains may not need as much care. So, caring for the plant is much easier. 

Types Of Cannabis Seeds

So, you know how to choose a trustworthy seed bank. Now, we will share the types of cannabis seeds:


To create regular seeds, the breeders cross the male and female cannabis plants. The regular seeds generally come in male and female, but you may not be able to tell till they start flowering. Crossing the female flowers with the male will also help you get more seeds. However, seed production affects the flower quality, so if you want to see better growth, you may want to keep the male plants away from the female. Separating them[1] allows the female plant to bloom in great quantities.

Experienced marijuana growers can use regular seeds to grow long-term cannabis plants. Newer growers may have a hard time growing regular seeds and may have better success with feminized and auto-flower seeds instead. 

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds grow into female plants only. To create the feminized seeds,[2] the breeders cause a female plant to produce male flowers. Pollen from the male flowers on the female plant is then used by the breeders to pollinate female flowers. Since both parent plants are originally female, they produce female seeds. 

 If you are growing feminized marijuana seeds, you will not have to worry too much about separating the male plants. Feminized seeds also produce better-quality flowers.[3] You will still need to check to confirm that a few male seeds are not part of the batch when flowering. While feminized seeds may be easier to grow, you still need to provide them with proper care. Under stressful situations, even your feminized seeds can produce male seeds. Such plants are called hermaphrodites. 

Auto-Flower Seeds

Auto-flower seeds will complete their life cycle and produce flowers[4] irrespective of how much sunshine they get. Lots of beginners find that they are easy to handle. Even if you do not focus much on altering the amount of light that your plant receives, it will still bloom when it hits maturity.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Cannabis Seed Type

Experience Level

Beginner cannabis growers may have a hard time dealing with regular cannabis seeds. Growing regular seeds requires lots of work. In between ensuring that they get the required amount of light, and water and separating the sexes, it can get tedious. Auto-flower seeds may be easier for beginner growers to handle. Auto-flowering seeds can bloom with a little less attention than their counterparts. Their flower production does not depend on light exposure. They need only mature before producing flowers.

Feminized cannabis seeds are also excellent for beginners and intermediate-level cannabis growers. Since they are all female, you will not need to sort and separate the sexes. 

Long-Term Cultivation

If you are looking to grow cannabis long-term, regular cannabis seeds are best. You will get male and female plants that you can pollinate to produce more seeds. Hence, you can keep the cycle going. If you have limited growing experience, it is best to seek guidance before growing regular seeds. Some seed banks offer educational resources as well. The useful information from the seed bank will help you grow healthy cannabis plants.


Genetics is a crucial factor that determines the quality of plants that you will get from the seeds. First, look out for seed banks that offer high-quality cannabis seeds. Reading up on customer experiences with the seeds that you want to buy is a great way to evaluate the cannabis seed banks you want to patronize. 

Final Thought

Finding reliable online seed banks that ship to the USA is not always easy. Our guide to the best cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA will help your selection process. When choosing an online seed bank to shop with, some factors are essential. Check to see that the brand offers stealth shipping which guarantees seed replacement for lost orders. Not all seed banks offer free shipping, so you will need to consider delivery costs too.

Seed banks offering germination guarantees are confident in their product quality. Other factors to consider include payment method, customer reviews, price, educational resources, customer support, and available strains. 

The three common types of cannabis seeds are auto-flowering seeds, regular seeds, and feminized seeds. Regular seeds are generally best for experienced growers looking to cultivate long-term. Beginner and intermediate cannabis growers may have better luck with feminized and auto-flower cannabis seeds.
When trying a new online seed bank, it is best to start with a small purchase. This test purchase allows you to evaluate the seed quality yourself. If you are happy with your test purchase, you can proceed to place bulk orders if you desire. Always remember to check your state laws before you buy marijuana seeds online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are online seed banks trustworthy?

Our review contains legitimate online seeds banks. They offer high-quality cannabis seeds.

What type of cannabis seeds are great for beginners?

Feminized and auto-flower cannabis seeds are usually best for beginner growers. Feminized seeds produce female plants only, while auto-flower seeds will produce flowers after a predetermined period irrespective of the amount of light exposure.

What type of cannabis seeds are best for long-term cannabis plants?

Regular cannabis seeds can help experienced cannabis growers cultivate long-term cannabis plants. Crossing the male and female plants also produce more seeds. 

Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online in the United States?

You will need to check with your state’s regulations on the purchase of cannabis seeds before placing your order because laws vary between states.

What is the difference between feminized and auto-flower seeds?

Feminized seeds germinate into female plants only while auto-flower seeds produce flowers whenever they attain maturity irrespective of sunlight exposure.

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