Best Night Time Fat Burner For Overnight Weight Loss In 2024


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phenq reviews


  • Suppress the production of fat in the body
  • Increases the metabolism of the body
  • Combats mood swings



  • Comprises a day and night formulation
  • Contains all-natural ingredients
  • Suppresses hunger and boosts the energy levels


Lean PM

  • Combines fat burner and sleep aid formulation in one supplement
  • Promotes longer sleep
  • Appetite-suppressant

Diet and physical activity are the key components of an individual’s weight loss journey. During sleeping, the body undergoes several processes including muscle repair. Nighttime fat burners promote fat burning during the night. Many fat burners[1] also promote a good night’s sleep since good quality sleep mediates fat loss. Most nighttime fat burners work by increasing thermogenesis, promoting oxidation and utilization of fat stores, and mediating appetite control. In addition to being composed of ingredients that promote weight loss by burning fat, nighttime fat burners also function as sleep[2] aids, helping individuals who have trouble sleeping. An analysis shows that sleep quality and quantity are important measures of weight loss success. The potential underlying mechanisms include the consumption of carbohydrates for snacking and increased total energy intake, impairing weight loss.

5 Best Night Time Weight Loss Pills For 2024

  • PhenQ – Editor’s Choice
  • Phen24 – Best overall
  • Lean PM – Best reputable
  • Zemwise – Best value
  • Nite Burn- Best Affordable

Nighttime fat burners are composed of several important ingredients that mediate fat loss and/or promote good quality sleep. One of the ingredients is tryptophan[3], an essential amino acid, associated with the biosynthesis of serotonin. Reduced tryptophan levels may cause impairment of serotonin biosynthesis, resulting in carbohydrate cravings, mood disturbances, and ultimately weight gain.

Melatonin[4] is implicated in the circadian pattern of the physiological processes and is therefore important for the optimization of the regulation of body weight and energy balance. Hence, supplementing with melatonin helps in promoting quality sleep while mediating weight loss.

This article is a detailed review of the 5 best nighttime fat burners that are useful for losing weight while sleeping.

What Is Nighttime Fat Burner?

Nighttime fat burners are dietary supplements that promote weight loss while an individual is sleeping. Many nighttime fat burners also serve as effective sleep aids, since good quality and quantity of sleep are associated with weight loss.

5 Best Night Time Fat Burner Pills For 2024


phenq reviews

See PhenQ Reviews

The natural weight management system is among the best nighttime fat burners that target five major aspects. It reduces fat accumulation, boosts energy, balances mood, suppresses food cravings, and burns fat.

  • Natural weight management system
  • Supporting body metabolism and reducing fat accumulation
  • Balancing energy levels and suppressing meal cravings
  • Not recommended for pregnant women and individuals younger than 18 years

According to users’ reviews, PhenQ supplements within a relatively short duration of time. It helps the users lose belly fat and help improve their body shape. The supplements can be paired with consistent exercise and the consumption of a healthy diet. One of the users also reports shedding pregnancy weight following the use of PhenQ weight loss supplements.


The peculiar feature of Phen24 fat-burning supplements is the dual day and night formulations. These supplements help lose weight while burning excess fat throughout the day.

  • Metabolism of the body throughout the day
  • Suppress appetite and food cravings
  • Burning fat and the production of energy
  • Boost mood
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Pregnant women, individuals younger than 18 years, and individuals with underlying medical conditions are not recommended

The dual formulation makes Phen24 one of the best nighttime fat burners. The supplements promote maximum fat burning. These supplements do not contain melatonin or stimulants except for a very small amount of caffeine. The verified users on the official website validate the effectiveness of the supplements. According to the users, they have a good mood and high energy levels throughout the day following the use of these supplements. Older adults using the supplements also report significant weight loss.

Lean PM

Lean PM is among many nighttime fat-burning supplements that also promote long and restful sleep. The supplements are made using all-natural and proven fat-burning ingredients.

  • Combined formulation of sleep aids and fat burner
  • Beneficial for long and restful sleep
  • Increase the rate of weight loss
  • Help lose stubborn body fat
  • Vegan formulation
  • Not effective predominantly as a supplement for sleep aid

According to the reviews published on the website of the brand, Lean PM fat-burning supplements help users lose weight and sleep soundly. As per users, they do not have the desire to eat when they wake up in the morning. These supplements curb hunger while maintaining energy levels so that the users do not feel tired despite decreased food intake. One of the users reported a strange taste and texture of the supplement.


Zenwise fat burner gummies are made using natural and non-GMO ingredients that promote metabolism, increase thermogenesis, boost energy levels, support healthy weight management, and are beneficial for cognition and cardiovascular health.

  • Vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free
  • Using non-GMO ingredients
  • Support cardiovascular health and cognition
  • Control appetite and support the metabolism
  • Contains green tea extract, Garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, and raspberry ketones
  • The allergens contained in the product may cause allergies in the susceptible individuals

There are up to 240 5-star reviews on the official website of the company. The users appreciate the taste of fat burner gummies and report significant weight loss by supplementing the gummies with physical activity and a healthy diet. The weight loss supplements also help with hunger cravings between meals along with the suppression of sugar cravings. The supplements provide users with sufficient energy levels throughout the day.

Nite Burn

Nite Burn weight loss and sleep support capsules boost metabolism, and function as sleep aids.

  • Support capsules are stimulant-free
  • Relaxed and deep sleep cycle
  • Metabolism of the body for individuals to burn calories
  • The capsules contain L-tryptophan and melatonin
  • 100% no-risk money-back guarantee
  • Some of the users do not find Nite Burn capsules effective for weight loss

Nite Burn fat burners combat weight gain by mediating thermogenic fat loss, promoting deeper sleep, helping individuals sleep faster, and promoting the metabolism of the body. According to nighttime fat burner reviews published on the official website of Nite Burn, the fat-burning pills help users fall asleep faster. Consistent use of the Nite Burn weight loss pills also promotes fat loss by reducing hunger and food cravings, while being an important component of the user’s weight loss journey.

How Long Does A Nighttime Fat Burner To Work?

The duration of appearance of results with nighttime fat burners varies from person to person. While some individuals report significant weight loss at 12 weeks, many users do not find these supplements effective for weight loss.

Nighttime Fat Burner & Workout: What To Do & What Not

Many individuals consume nighttime fat burners with the perception that they are self-sufficient in losing weight and burning fat. However, this is not true. Many individuals, who use nighttime fat burners, report significant improvement in their body weight and body shape when pairing these supplements with consistent workouts and a healthy diet.

Does Nighttime Fat Burner Have Side Effects?

No significant side effects have been reported by the users. However, individuals younger than 18 years, pregnant women, individuals with underlying medical conditions, and individuals allergic to the ingredients shall avoid the use of nighttime fat burners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lean PM vegan?

Lean PM Melatonin is a vegan formulation, whereas, Lean PM with Melatonin is not.

Do Lean PM fat-burning supplements contain stimulants?

The night-time fat burners do not contain caffeine or any stimulants.

Do Phen24 fat-burning supplements contain caffeine?

The morning formula of the Phen24 supplements contains 150 mg of caffeine in each capsule.

Which ingredients are present in the Zenwise fat burner gummies?

Ingredients present in the Zenwise fat burner gummies include green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, Garcinia cambogia, and raspberry ketones.

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