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Directorate of Family Welfare

The National Family Welfare Programme is being implemented in Tamil Nadu since 1956 purely on voluntary basis. It is viewed and implemented as people's programme aimed to raise the Standard of living of the people and improve the Maternal and Child Health and thereby reduce population growth. Tamil Nadu now follows the "Community Needs Assessment Approach" to implement the Family Welfare and Maternal & Child Health programmes in the State.

Family Welfare Programme is intended to provide maternal and child health care and thereby to bring down the birth rate. It is also intended to avoid higher order of birth (i.e. third and above order of birth in a family) and prevention of female foeticide and female infanticide. This is a countrywide programme implemented with the 100% financial assistance from Government of India.

Indicators and Goals:

As per SRS the demographic scenario of Tamil Nadu for 2014 is furnished below :

      1.Crude Birth Rate                         15.4/1000 population
      2.Crude Death Rate                         7.0/1000 population
      3.Infant Mortality Rate                    20.0/1000 live births(RGI 2011-13
      4.Maternal Mortality Ratio              79/100000 live births  (GRI 2010 - 12)
      5.Natural Growth Rate                     0.84 percent

Health and Family Welfare Department - Government of Tamil Nadu is attempting to achieve the following demographic goals in Tamil Nadu by the end of the Twelfth Five Year Plan (2012 - 2017).


Maternal Mortality Ratio

44/100000 Live Births


Total Fertility Rate



Infant Morality Rate

13/1000 Live Births


Crude Birth Rate

14/1000 Population

State Commission on Population:

The Government of Tamil Nadu have constituted "State Commission on Population" under the Chairmanship of Hon'ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The State Commission on Population has been constituted to oversee and review "State Population Policy 2007" in the State.


"The bribery is against the Law. The complaints about corruption may be sent to the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption, Chennai 600 028"

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