Best CBD Oil For Cats 2024: Top 5 Brands Reviews


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best cbd oil for cats

Spruce CBD

  • Organic full-spectrum CBD
  • Consists coconut oil
  • Made in the USA

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best cbd oil for cats

Honest Paws Oil

  • Contains 125mg of CBD
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Offers money-back guarantee

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best cbd oil for cats

Honest Paws Treats

  • Instant results 
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Reduces anxiety

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CBD oil never ceases to amaze us with its numerous benefits, such as reducing the chances of cancer, decreasing anxiety levels, and enhancing an individual’s overall mood. However, the benefits of CBD oil aren’t just limited to humans; CBD oils are best even for animals like cats, dogs, and horses for the treatment of various diseases. 

The use of CBD oil for cats is spiking, and it is mainly due to the exceptional results cat owners witness when feeding CBD oil to their cats. But in such saturated markets, it is very easy to make the mistake of buying low-quality products. 

So, the main focus of this article is to let you know what CBD best oil for cats we have in store for you. Moreover, it also discusses the benefits, appropriate dosage, and side effects of feeding CBD oil to your cats. 

Let’s dive in!

Best CBD Oil For Cats On The Market In (April. 2024)

CBD For Cats

The use of CBD for the well-being of different animals is becoming the new hype in the pet sector because of its capability to deal with various health problems your pet might be facing. 

One of the main issues that CBD cat treats is anxiety which is often responsible for various other health problems your cat might be experiencing. Elimination of anxiety indicates that you will keep your cat safe from other health issues, resulting in optimum health. Furthermore, according to the studies, the consumption of CBD oil is safe for cats, so people who are afraid that CBD might not work should stop worrying. However, according to another research[1], cats might face gastrointestinal issues when consuming CBD oil; so, it is best to stop feeding CBD oil to their cat as an upset stomach is a side effect that might turn into a bigger problem if not treated.

Top 5 Best CBD Oil For Cats Brands

Spruce CBD

best cbd oil for cats

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See Spruce CBD Reviews

Spruce CBD is known for its natural ingredients, especially lab-grade CBD. Moreover, the addition of coconut oil benefits by improving the function of your cat’s digestive system.

  • Made in the USA
  • Contains coconut oil
  • Natural full-spectrum CBD
  • Higher rates as compared to other CBD oils 
  • Single concentration

Spruce, founded in 2018, has the best CBD product for both humans and animals. They are the most trustworthy CBD brand out there because they get each product tested from a third-party library to ensure there is no trace of contaminants. 

They are against soy, wheat, or corn additives in their product and prefer using all-natural products for a much better outcome. Furthermore, they source their hemp from the USA, and their products contain THC as well, but in a minimal quantity. 

You shouldn’t be worried about the THC content in your cat’s CBD oil because it is as low as 0,3%, which doesn’t affect your cat’s health negatively. The presence of coconut oil carries a lot of importance because coconut oil is way more cat-friendly compared to hemp oil. So, your cat won’t face any severe gastrointestinal issues when consuming Spruce’s CBD oil for cats. 

Spruce CBD uses the Moonshine extraction method, and you can add Spruce’s CBD oil to your cat’s food or drink so it can help mask the original taste that isn’t very appealing to cats. Spruce’s CBD oil is completely safe for cats and dogs, so pet wonders don’t have to worry about severe and concerning side effects. 

Honest Paws CBD Oil

best cbd oil for cats

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Honest Paws has three options for you to choose from; Calm, Well, and Mobility. Each option has three different concentrations so that you can find the best-suited one for your pet. Furthermore, it does not contain any soy, corn, or GMOs.

  • Instant results
  • Easy to feed 
  • Natural full-spectrum hemp oil
  • The optimum dose isn’t mentioned 
  • Expensive

CBD oil for cats is undoubtedly the best product for honest paws because they use organic full-spectrum hemp oil as the main ingredient. Furthermore, another best part about Honest Paws is their transparency because they provide third-party test reports to ensure that their products do not contain any contaminants and are entirely safe to consume. 

Their calm CBD oil is the best option if you are about to take your cat to a stressful event and as per the reviews of previous customers, the calm version of Honest Paws’ CBD oil works efficiently in calming down cats and dogs during stressful times. 

Moreover, it also contains limonene which plays a considerable role in inducing relaxation in your cat. The addition of eucalyptol is beneficial because it enhances the functionalities of the immune system. 

The mobility CBD oil of honest paws is an ideal choice if your cat has the chance to develop bone and joint issues soon because it can treat a lot of problems that would create problems in the future.

Lastly, the Well CBD oil for cats is a good choice if your cat’s immune system is not in perfect condition. After feeding this to your cat, you will be able to observe the results in the form of improved mood and increased energy. 

Honest Paws CBD Treats

best cbd oil for cats

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See Honest Paws CBD Treats Reviews

Honest Paws CBD oil treats are in the form of soft chews, and they contain full-spectrum organic hemp oil, L-Theanine, and Tryptophan as their main ingredients. It is available in two different types; calm and mobility.

  • Quick results
  • Reduces stress
  • Enhances sleep quality
  • A bit pricey

The factor that makes Honest Paws our top recommendation is that they value quality and add ingredients that will make a difference in your cat’s health. The treats might seem a bit expensive at first, but after looking at the reviews left by customers, it proves that it is worth your investment. 

There are two options for CBD oil chews; mobility soft chews and calm, soft chews. The first one is used for ensuring premium joint and bone health, while the latter is used to soothe anxiety. 

Feeding the Calm treats to your cat helps reduce anxiety considerably when traveling with your pet or at a boisterous place. Moreover, the mobility treatment also showed a considerable difference when tested on a dog requiring frequent walking breaks. After feeding it the mobility CBD oil treats, the dog required a break a lot less than its previous condition. 

The mobility CBD oil treat contains Boswellia Serrata powder, Organic full-spectrum hemp oil, glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid. At the same time, the Calm CBD oil treat contains Tryptophan, L-theanine, and Organic full-spectrum CBD hemp oil.



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See CBDPure Reviews

CBDPure’s CBD oil for cats offers 3.5mg of CBD per ml. Their CBD oil offers quick results at an affordable rate and utilizes CO2 extraction techniques. Moreover, it also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee for all of its products.

  • Third-party tested 
  • CO2 extraction method
  • Coconut oil
  • Affordable pricing
  • Limited potencies

As the name already suggests, CBDPure prioritizes your pets’ health and strives to provide quality instead of focusing on quantity. Moreover, their primary focus is to provide your pet with hemp that assists in treating your cat’s anxiety and other related issues. 

Their transparency is what attracts pet wonders the most to this brand. They offer third-party lab test reports for every product, proving that it does not contain any contaminants, wheat, soy, or corn additives. The main ingredients included in the CBD oil for cats by CBDPure are Cannabidiol and full-spectrum hemp oil. 

CBDPure uses natural hemp, which is sourced from the USA, and they opt for the CO2 extraction method to create a highly effective product that is not harmful to your pet’s health in any way. This is an ideal choice for those who don’t want their pet to consume THC as this brand does not offer full-spectrum hemp or broad-spectrum hemp.



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See Holistapet Reviews

As it is clear from the name, Holistapet has a range of products for animals only. They provide free shipping to USA customers only, and all of their products are free from preservatives and are free of gluten.

  • Does not contain GMO
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Helps anxiety
  • Shipping only for USA customers

Like every other reputable cat CBD brand, Holistapet products consist of full-spectrum CBD, and their hemp is derived from an organic source that ensures high quality. Holistapet’s CBD oil for cats is available in various potencies, and you can find the dosage directions on their website so that you don’t overfeed pet CBD oil to your pet which might lead to other problems. 

All of their products for cats are entirely safe to use as third-party laboratories test them to detect any traces of artificial flavors or contaminants that might become the source of various other health issues in your cat. 

As mentioned on their website, CBD oil for cats shows instant results, and the oil is non-psychoactive. Each ml of CBD oil carries 13.25mg of CBD, which is the main reason why this product shows instant results. The broad spectrum CBD oil for cats contains hemp seed oil and comes with a dropper, making it easy to mix an appropriate quantity in their food. 

Holistapet’s CBD oil not only relieves anxiety but also skin health and promotes immune health as well. 

Benefits Of CBD Oil For Cats

CBD For Cats With Anxiety

When it comes to anxiety, it is a bit challenging to identify, and similarly, identifying if your cat is in pain also requires you to give them constant attention to detect any significant behavior change. 

Anxiety is a prevalent condition that is found in both humans and animals. Still, the reason your cat might be experiencing it might be because of old age, cancer, or other joint-related problems. According to NCBI[2], you can help these conditions by feeding the best CBD oil for cats with cancer or other diseases. 

The endocannabinoid system is the network of receptors used to govern all the physiological activities found in all animals. Bodies of both animals and humans generate endocannabinoids because it is necessary to maintain homeostasis, which leads to a stable physiological state. 

However, when homeostasis is disrupted due to any factor such as sickness or injury, the body’s internal functions are highly affected and fail to fulfill the body’s requirements. In such situations, phytocannabinoids come to your rescue by relieving your pain and helping in maintaining your body’s homeostasis again. 

CBD For Cats With Seizure

If your cat often becomes the victim of a seizure, you should first contact the vet and determine what is initiating those seizures. Seizures occur when the neurons are fired aberrantly in the brain of an individual or an animal. Diagnosing the cause of this seizure is essential because frequent seizures open doors to several other health issues, or it might indicate anxiety in your cat.

Make sure you ask the vet if feeding CBD to your cat will make any difference in your cat’s health and whether it is safe to use in that condition. According to studies[3], CBD can control seizures significantly, thus preventing their occurrence now and then. 

A study conducted on the effect of CBD reveals that CBD is a therapeutic anti-convulsant that showed a considerable decrease in epileptic seizures in rats. Therefore, feeding CBD to your cats is the best way to keep seizures under control, but only if the vet allows you to. 

CBD For Cats With Stress Issues 

Cats are most comfortable in their habitats, and they get stressed when it is time to go to the vet or when traveling in general. Cat CBD oil can be a massive help in such situations because CBD has properties that can considerably reduce your cat’s stress levels without imposing any sedating effects on your cat. 

The time to give CBD oil to your cat is half an hour before you have to take them to a place or event where their stress levels might shoot. CBD has reduced the use of pharmaceutical drugs due to the number of benefits it offers, and the quick speed of results is also a primary contributor to the increased use of CBDs. 

How To Choose The Best CBD For Cats?

To get the best results, finding the best CBD products for your cats is a crucial step. The main factors that need to be considered while choosing CBD for cats are quality, pricing, and ensuring they suit your feline friend. 

You can easily judge the quality of CBD for your cat by looking at the product’s label. Check out the amount of CBD in the product and visit their website for third-party test reports proving that the product is free from all types of contaminants and is safe to consume. But if they don’t have lab test reports, it is best to scratch that brand off the list. 

Never compromise on the quality of CBD for your cats by opting for products that have a suspiciously low price. Such products either have no benefit at all, or they will deteriorate your cat’s health instead of improving it. Therefore, it is best to always go for the best product in terms of quality, even if it is expensive because compromising your cat’s health to save a few bucks is not worth it. 

All cat owners must know that cats have a lot of preferences and do not eat everything that comes their way. So, make sure you opt for a flavor that cats like to munch on and if your cat isn’t satisfied with any flavor, go for the flavorless isolates. Almost all CBD oils come in a dropper bottle; therefore, mixing it in their meals is convenient to feed them CBD. 

Furthermore, if your cat isn’t as picky as others, try to mix full-spectrum CBD oil in their meals as it has additional benefits that ensure your cat is physically and mentally fit at all times. 

CBD Dosage

The dosage of CBD you give to your cat significantly impacts how well the product works. While some products mention their dosage on the label, there are some that you will need to experiment with to find the best dosage for your pet. 

According to a source, an ideal amount to start with is 2-4mg of CBD for a 10-pound cat; you can multiply the amount according to the size and weight of your cat. Moreover, the best and most effective dosage for cats with cancer is 4-6mg for a 10-pound cat. The dosage of CBD for cats is way higher than the dose given to dogs, and this is because cats do not have as many receptors as dogs. 

However, if this dosage seems a bit complex to you, you can start small and gradually increase the dose until you find the optimum one. 

Potential Side Effects

The majority of cat owners that are reluctant to feed CBD to their pets are afraid that CBD might cause permanent damage or harm their pet’s health considerably. Although there are some side effects to feeding CBD oil to cats, they won’t cause any long-lasting damage if you choose the correct dose. 

One of the most common side effects is drowsiness. The entire point of feeding CBD oil to your pet is to reduce the intensity of their anxiety and calm them, which is accomplished by inducing drowsiness in them. 

Another side effect of CBD oil for cats is diarrhea. But there is some probability that it may be caused due to the presence of something in your cat’s diet that doesn’t suit their gastrointestinal system. So, to make sure if the diarrhea is caused by CBD oil or not, you can remove the ingredients from your cat’s food, including CBD oil, one by one to see if it is improving or not. 

Vomiting is also a common side effect of CBD oil. The primary trigger of vomiting is the grassy taste of the CBD oil, and since cats are very picky about what they eat, they instantly spit out the food that contains CBD oil due to poor taste. This can be avoided by opting for flavors that your cat finds appealing. 

Final Thought

The relationship between cats and their owner is an adorable one, and it is because the owners love their pets so much, they are afraid of trying new things. CBD oil is one of them. However, due to the excessively helpful information available about CBD oil for cats, people have now started feeding it to their cats to improve their overall mental health.

This article includes all the brands that offer the best CBD oil for cats with detailed reviews to help you decide what brand suits your cat best. Furthermore, it might seem like a good idea to feed humans’ or dogs’ CBD to your cat, but products that are manufactured for humans and the ones manufactured for dogs have significant differences. This is why human or dog CBD oil might not work as effectively for your cat as it will for them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do vets recommend CBD oil to cats?

Yes! Various vets highly recommend CBD oil for the treatment of anxiety in your cat. According to different studies conducted on this subject, there has been no indication that CBD might be fatal for your cat.

Is CBD oil suitable for cats?

CBD oil for cats is entirely safe to consume. Moreover, it doesn’t just help with anxiety but also contributes significantly to reducing seizures and stress.

What are the side effects of CBD oil for cats?

The side effects caused by CBD oil for cats are not fatal to your pets. The most common side effects are diarrhea, drowsiness, and vomiting. All of these can be treated very easily by stopping the CBD oil or seeing the vet.

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