Best CBD Oil For Dogs 2024: Top 10 Brands

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Reviewed by Kimberly Langdon, MD

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best cbd oil for dogs


  • Uses human-grade ingredients 
  • It is free from gluten and preservatives
  • It is 100% vegan

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best cbd oil for dogs


  • Available in two strengths 
  • The hemp seed oil is safe for dogs 
  • Extracted from the aerial plant parts

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best cbd oil for dogs

Joy Organics

  • Organic CBD oil 
  • Made of premium-grade CBD extract
  • Has a proprietary cannabinoid formula

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Using CBD oil for your dog might seem off, but this is something that people who own dogs are now embracing. The best part is that the CBD does not have to be for dogs only, but for other pets too. Depending on the brand, you can find several options that can suit your pet. However, today we focus on the best CBD oil for dogs. 

Depending on how CBD is used, you can find it has several health benefits for your pet. This includes possible relief from seizures, cancer, arthritis, and anxiety symptoms. This is more reason we had to provide you with an in-depth review of how dogs can benefit from CBD usage.

Best CBD Oils For Dogs With Anxiety In (June. 2024)

CBD Oil For Dogs: How Does It Work?

THC is what leads to someone feeling high. No one would want that feeling for their pet. Also, dogs are more sensitive to THC than humans. That is why you are better off buying CBD oil with as low as 0.3% THC in each product. 

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound found in the flowers, stalks, seeds, and leaves of both the hemp and marijuana plants. The biggest difference between the CBD in marijuana and that in hemp-extracted CBD oil will has a very low to negligible amount of THC. 

CBD oil for dogs will have several medicinal properties. Such may include calming effects for dogs with anxiety, relieving chronic pain, helping with arthritis, and so much more. 

CBD will affect dogs just like it does in humans. It will do this by interacting with the dog’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. The CBD will bind to the ECS receptors, which promotes the pet’s overall balance and optimal function. 

For those who do not know, the endocannabinoid system[1] is vital for maintaining the vital processes in the body, whether in humans or dogs. This includes balancing inflammation response, hormones, immune responses, and so much more. 

So, pick CBD oil products, knowing they will be good for your pet.

10 Best CBD Oil For Dogs


best cbd oil for dogs

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Since the oil is made from organic and non-GMO hemp, it will be a safe product for the dog. It is also lab-tested to verify this.

  • Delicious flavor 
  • Has multiple CBD dog treats
  • It is 100% vegan
  • Slower customer support

Here you can get the best CBD for dogs with cancer and other different conditions. Also, CBD oil products are categorized based on dog size. So, you can pick the dog CBD oil based on how big your pot is. The small breeds will be given the lower potency CBD. This increases with the size. 

This CBD hemp oil has MCT oil in place of hemp seed oil to improve its bioavailability. Since it is solvent-free, you also get the assurance of safe CBD products. The manufacturer also has the potency verified by a third-party lab. This is to ensure you always get a high-quality product. 

The smoky bacon flavor will make it easier for the pet to use this type of CBD oil. Such CBD products always make it easier for you to add them to the pet’s lifestyle. People often add CBD oil to the food, and others deposit it directly in the mouth. 


best cbd oil for dogs

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The full-spectrum hemp extract will always be great for those who want the best CBD for their dogs. It also does not have solvents due to the best extraction method.

  • Easy-to-use product 
  • Has high-quality ingredients 
  • Features hemp seed oil to improve bioavailability
  • Could use new lab reports

This is another premium CBD oil you can get for the money. The manufacturer made this high-quality CBD oil with the pet in mind. That is why you will notice that it has a tolerable amount of CBD and additional hemp seed oil to improve the rate of acting. 

The method used in the extraction of organic hemp oil is the best. It will ensure that there are no additions of contaminants and solvents. So, CBD products would just be as safe as those meant for humans. 

Are you not sure about how to use CBD oil? Here, you are advised to shake the bottle well before you can start using it. Also, use it as directed by the brand. The suggested use is based on the weight of the dog. Just increase the use of the CBD amount based on the results of the previous dosage.  

Joy Organics

best cbd oil for dogs

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Being USDA-certified organic always works well for many people who are looking for a safe product. The natural flavor is also loved by pets.

  • Has a natural flavor pets love 
  • It is USA USA-certified organic 
  • It is fast-acting 
  • One flavor option

This CBD oil from Joy Organics does not come with many ingredients, unlike other CBD oils on the market. This one has organic olive oil and organic broad-spectrum hemp extract. Since it is a broad-spectrum type of CBD, it will not have THC which may make the dog high. 

The CBD oil, among other best CBD treats for dogs in 2021, is fast-acting. Its natural flavor should make it easier for the pet to keep using it. You could simply administer the CBD by dropping the oil in the pet’s mouth or adding it to its favorite dish. 

The CBD oil will also be rich in terpenes in addition to cannabinoids. These are all compounds found in a non-GMO hemp plant. As such, you are assured that they will be CBD oils for dogs. The support team will quickly respond to your queries to help you pick the right CBD product for your pet. 

Royal CBD

best cbd oil for dogs

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You will find up to three options as potencies. Choosing the potency will be based on the needs of your pet. Always take more time to pick the right one.

  • Gluten-free 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Uses natural ingredients 
  • Expensive product

If you like Royal CBD human CBD products, you would also like the CBD oils for dogs. This one is made from full-spectrum CBD oil and adds bacon flavor to it too. Such a flavor in the CBD industry will always make CBD oil sell even more. Most dogs would enjoy the flavor. 

Are there many potency options? Yes. You will get up to three options. So, if your pet is small, consider the lower potency option. Or if your pet has chronic pain, the stronger potency can help in improving its health. Of course, you can consult with the veterinarian for further help. 

This CBD product is still free from gluten. If this triggers allergies in a pet, you are sure that will no longer be the case. The hemp plant source used in the making of CBD oil is known for its consistent quality. Finally, the CBD products are tested in a third-party lab before hitting the market. 

Honest Paws

honest paws

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There are multiple options for CBD oils. So, you can be more specific with your choice to ensure it benefits the pet well.

  • Safe and secure shipping 
  • Made of organic hemp extract 
  • Get a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Restricted free shipping

Honest Paws is an industry leader in making the best CBD oil for pet owners. The Honest Paws CBD oil will have full-spectrum CBD oil rather than broad-spectrum CBD oil. This means that the oil will contain all the terpenes and cannabinoids that will be vital for your dog’s overall wellness. 

There are several options when you want CBD oil from a CBD company. The options will also include one that promotes calmness for your pet. In this case, the CBD oil will come with chamomile[2] as a part of the ingredients. Chamomile will generally boost the mood of your pet. 

The oil is from organically grown hemp plants. As such, the organic hemp oil will be safe for your pet. In case you want more assurance, there is a purity and potency report on the website. So, you would buy knowing it would have health benefits for your dog. 

NuLeaf Naturals

nuleaf naturals

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The organic hemp plant extract gives the pet owners assurance of buying a high-quality product. Also, the fast customer support helps you learn more about the other products. 

  • Uses organic hemp plants 
  • It is full-spectrum CBD oil 
  • Made using the CO2 extraction method
  • A few complaints about shipping times

NuLeaf Naturals uses a proprietary blend to make the best CBD oil for your dog. Since it is full-spectrum CBD, you can find it a reliable source of CBD oil for your dog. Even major brands use such types of CBD for making CBD dog treats. Also, this type of CBD would lead to a better entourage effect to make the dog feel better faster. 

The hemp oil that is used in making the CBD product is organic hemp extract. This is because the hemp plants are cultivated in line with the strict USDA rules and regulations.[3] As such, you can find all the products the company makes have consistent quality. Any pet owner would be comfortable using such a product. 

How about CBD extraction? This CBD company uses both subcritical and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction methods. This is one of those methods that will not leave solvents in the final CBD extract. So, it is a generally safer product. The carrier oil is hemp seed oil rather than MCT oil. 

CBD American Shaman

CBD american shama

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The product is made with human-grade ingredients. This would make it safe even for pets. 

  • MCT coconut oil improves bioavailability 
  • A dosage chart is available 
  • Beef and cheese flavors are available
  • Just one potency option

This dog CBD oil is made in the USA in line with the important regulations surrounding the industry. Also, the manufacturer makes it like it makes human products. So, it means that this CBD oil would have the best and safest ingredients too. 

The flavors include beef and cheese. No dog would not want beef or cheese flavors. As such, these best CBD oils would easily be bought by different pet owners. You have the option of either picking CBD products with THC or no THC. So, it depends on your needs for CBD oil for dogs. 

You are also given a quick guideline on the website on how to use CBD oil. In case you are new to giving your pet CBD, it is easier to do it. The amount of CBD you give your pet is not too much that it ends up overwhelming it. Having MCT oil should generally improve its absorption rate into the bloodstream.

Petly CBD

petly CBD

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The product contains 100% organically grown hemp. Such will always be vital for ensuring that your pet is using a safe product.

  • Human grade MCT 
  • Has no additives 
  • It is veterinarian-approved
  • Slow shipping times

This is another company selling CBD oil you can use for your pet. These best CBD oils for dogs are available in different potencies. The potencies are varied based on the size of the pet. You would get CBD oil for small breeds up to large breeds. 

This is among the CBD products on the list that do not have THC. Being THC-free is always a blessing to a pet owner. The product is third-party tested to improve more on safety assurance. You can also find the lab report on the website for verification. 

There are no additives or preservatives in the product. Since the manufacturer also uses non-GMO hemp plants, it will be a great choice generally. Also, it is veterinarian-approved. Such a label would drive anyone to consider it. 



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Being available in many options of flavor makes it good for your pet. Here you can choose the right flavor that your pet can love. 

  • Tested for purity 
  • No THC content 
  • Infused with organic MCT oil
  • Limited potency options

You will get one of the best CBD oil tinctures from this brand. You get up to three main flavors. They include beef, chicken, and the unflavored option. Do not be surprised when you see the unflavored option. Sometimes the pets enjoy it too. However, if it does not, there are other options. 

This pet CBD oil comes with lab purity testing as part of presenting the product to the clients. As such, you can learn more about CBD oil before buying. Since it also contains 99.6% CBD, the dog will enjoy more of the CBD effects even better. 

The product is made in the USA following all the important manufacturing processes. Also, there is still the fact that it is made from non-GMO hemp plants. The hemp plants are still organically grown. There is no doubt it is better assurance for new CBD buyers. 



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The use of 100% natural ingredients is enough evidence that it is a safe product. Also, it is made using non-GMO hemp plants to boost safety and performance.

  • Easy to use the dropper bottle 
  • Zero THC content 
  • No additives added
  • Unlimited Meet could use more flavor options

For those who want broad-spectrum CBD, this is the high-quality CBD you buy. In addition to CBD oil, you get additional CBD dog treats, including chews. You can always have a variety of CBD products for your pet and use them based on their needs or conditions they might be facing. 

You will get multiple concentration options so that you pick the best CBD oil that you want. If a condition needs more potency, there is one for you available. There are also lower potency options so that you can use it as a treat for your pet. The convenient dropper bottle makes it easier to administer this best organic CBD oil for dogs. 

There is no THC in this type of hemp oil. With no THC, pet owners would know that their pets will not get high from using the product. Also, the product is non-GMO, gluten-free, and has no dairy. This is evident that the product will always be safe.

Benefits Of CBD On Dogs

When buying CBD oil, you want to know if there are any possible health benefits for your pet. Below are the potential benefits of using high-quality CBD products for your dog. It may help relieve;

  • Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity 
  • Glaucoma 
  • Cancer
  • Seizures 
  • Arthritis  

You should know that there is still limited research on how CBD may affect the pet’s health. So, always use it as recommended. 

How To Choose The Best CBD For Dogs?

When buying CBD oil for dogs, you will find various brands in the market. The only problem is that everyone would claim they are the best. So, before you can get the best CBD for dogs with arthritis or any other use, here is what you should keep in mind. 

Type Of CBD 

The type of CBD is always vital. The main options include broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolate. 

Full-spectrum would have all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and THC too. As for broad-spectrum, it only contains terpenes and cannabinoids with no THC content. On the other hand, the CBD isolate only has the CBD compound with the other compounds removed. 

So, pick the right type depending on your needs. 

Organic And Non-GMO Hemp

How hemp is grown is always vital. The resultant product would also be safe if the brand gets its hemp from farms that follow proper growing procedures. Check to see if the brand discloses that their source offers organic and non-GMO hemp. 

Certificate Of Analysis 

The certificate of analysis will help show whether it is a good product or not. Such a lab report will show if the product also has the ingredients that the manufacturer claims. This report would also have information about any contaminants or heavy metals.[4] Always go through the COA to understand more about the contents of the product. 

Brand Reputation 

Is the brand reputable? Read reviews about the brand to establish if it is good in terms of offering the best products. You could check if it has any warnings from the FDA or its listing on top websites such as the Better Business Bureau. Also, consider the overall customer support. A reputable brand will always have the best customer support. 

Extraction Method 

The extraction method will determine the purity of the CBD oil in the end. The use of the CO2 extraction method is the most popular. This method does not introduce any contaminants in the extract. Even if the manufacturer uses another method, ensure you do proper research on the process before buying. 

Risk & Potential Side Effects

Dog CBD products can have many health benefits; however, they also have potential side effects. Here are some of them;

  • Dry mouth 
  • Diarrhea
  • Low blood pressure 

Stick to the brand’s advisable dosage to minimize the side effects. 

CBD Oil Dosage For Dog

When you have to administer CBD oil, make sure you do it right. Here, you have to find the best dosage to ensure the best results. The rule of thumb is to consider using 0.2mg of CBD per pound of dog’s weight. 

The manufacturer of the highest quality CBD oil would also comment on the recommended dose. You should consider following such a dosage too to give your pet the right dose. 

The Bottom Line 

If you are still not sure if dog CBD oil is good for your pet or not, we say that it is safe to use CBD oil for your pet. It might be a new experience for you and your pet, but it will generally be a good thing. You should always be keen on the brand reputation and contents of CBD oils. This largely helps you end up with a good product that may improve the health of your pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do vets prescribe CBD oil for dogs?

It is not something that the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends, but you can decide to give your pet CBD by yourself. The vet will not prescribe it but can still point you in the right direction.

Can you use CBD oil for anxiety in dogs?

Yes. Make sure that you use CBD oil recommended for anxiety conditions. Such oil may sometimes have additional ingredients to help in calming the pet.

Should you use CBD treats for dogs?

Yes. The CBD treats for dogs are quite important for the betterment of your dog. In addition to using CBD oil, CBD treats can also be great for its health.

What is the best CBD dosage for dogs?

The right CBD dosage can vary from one brand to another. Look at the suggested chart on the website and follow it to ensure the pets get the best results.

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