Best Online Therapy That Actually Works In 2024: Reviews & Pricing


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  • Affordable, accessible, and provides professional help

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  • Affordable, accessible, and also offers medication management services

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  • Relationship-based online therapy

Mental health disorders are prevalent among all age groups, children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Web-based interventions[1] in the form of virtual therapy or online counseling have been growing substantially to facilitate the treatment of mental health conditions. Online therapy is referred to as a phone-based or internet-based program that can be self-guided or facilitated by a trained, qualified, and professional therapist. The online therapist or virtual therapy sessions follow single or multiple pre-determined treatment paths, which comprise different modules and exercises.

The advantages of online therapy or counseling include flexibility of timings for both the therapist recipient and the mental health professional, better accessibility to mental healthcare services, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. Moreover, the patients can become part of sessions while keeping their identities anonymous, at their desired time and location. These online therapist sessions eliminate the treatment barriers and improve the accessibility to mental healthcare services.

5 Best Therapy Online That Actually Works In 2024

Feature Of The Best Online Therapy Providers

BetterHelp claims to be the largest therapy service across the globe, providing up to five million online therapy video sessions each month. That online therapy service provides professional therapy to its users. The holistic therapy service comprises a team of qualified, professional, and licensed therapists including licensed clinical social workers (LMSW and LCSW), psychologists (PhD and PsyD), board licensed professional counselors (LPC), and marriage and family therapists (LMFT).

The aim of the largest therapy service program is to offer convenient, accessible, and affordable online counseling services to those who are suffering from different challenges in life, irrespective of time and location. BetterHelp is based on a subscription program, offering online therapy services around the clock, with an accredited therapist. In addition to online counseling services, the online therapy platform also offers group or in-person therapy sessions as well as journaling sessions with licensed therapists.  

5 Best Online Therapy Sevices That Actually Work In 2024



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BetterHelp is an online therapist platform that offers affordable and accessible mental health services via sessions in the form of video sessions, chats, and phone calls.

  • Providing online therapy such as phone calls, video calls, and live chats.
  • A person can request a new therapist in case he or she is not satisfied with the current therapist.
  • The therapists are professional, qualified, and licensed.
  • Online counseling services as well as financial assistance to individuals
  • Not covered by insurance companies.
  • Not authorized to prescribe medications.

BetterHelp offers subscriptions to its users to gain access to online counseling and therapy sessions from qualified, trained, and licensed mental health professionals. The feature that sets BetterHelp apart from other competitors is that this mental health service is available 24 hours and 7 days a week. Those who can’t wait for sessions with the therapist can avail themselves of a live chat service. The users are offered a questionnaire to assess their preferences and the challenges that they face at the moment. The users are then matched with a therapist for their online therapy sessions. BetterHelp also offers users the choice to switch therapists.

Although BetterHelp online therapy sessions are not typically covered by insurance companies, some users report receiving partial coverage from their insurance companies upon submitting claims. In addition to offering discounts via referral links, BetterHelp offers financial aid to those who can’t afford the online counseling sessions. Therapies offered by the therapists at BetterHelp include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), psychoanalysis, journaling, motivating interviewing, eye movement desensitization, reprocessing (EMDR), and mindfulness meditation



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Talkspace offers virtual therapy for mental health conditions via video chat and texts, providing a comfortable and healthy environment to the users.

  • Available in the comfort of a home which is suitable for those who can’t commute due to different reasons including physical disability.
  • In addition to providing online counseling sessions for individual mental health issues, offers couples therapy.
  • Composed of nurse practitioners and psychiatrists who are authorized to prescribe medications.
  • Do not offer online family therapy sessions or group counseling sessions.

As indicated by its name, Talkspace is an online mental health therapy platform, which offers services via video calls and live chats. The platform offers a variety of mental health services such as psychiatric evaluation, medication prescription and management, and couples therapy. Although this platform is only for providing online therapy services to adults, teen therapy is under the supervision of their parents or guardians. Talkspace offers flexible financial plans for the users and also provides an option for the users to engage with the therapist in live chats. Some health insurance plans cover the costs of Talkspace online therapy services.

A matching agent at Talkspace offers a free consultation for the selection of the payment plan, discussing the preferences, and matching with the therapist. Users can change their subscriptions whenever they want. Talkspace also offers discounts to its users. Similar to other platforms, therapists at Talkspace are licensed professional counselors, which offer mental health services for both individuals and couples. 


ReGain is an online therapy platform, which is dedicated to providing relationship-based therapy to users. The relationship therapists are well-qualified and trained in the relevant areas.

  • ReGain offers affordable and accessible online therapy services.
  • This online platform provides a relationship focused on resolving relationship problems between couples.
  • The service session plans are flexible and informative for the users.
  • The team is not composed of psychiatrists to prescribe medications, and therefore, does not offer medication management services.

The online therapy program uses an algorithm to assess the preferences and data of the users to choose the therapist.

This platform also provides users with medically-reviewed resources to educate them and strengthen their relationships. ReGain is easy to use and provides flexible subscriptions, where one partner can initiate the therapy and the other partner can join any time during the online therapy session. The platform also provides financial assistance to those who can’t afford the online therapy sessions. Although the cost of therapy is not covered by insurance companies, users can claim health insurance for partial coverage of therapy costs.

Pride Counseling

Pride Counseling offers private, convenient, and affordable online therapy sessions to the LGBTQIA+ community in particular.

  • The best online therapy services to the LGBTQIA+ community as well as other individuals.
  • The therapists are licensed, trained, and well-qualified for offering online therapy services.
  • Some insurance companies offer partial reimbursement for the costs of online counseling services.
  • Does not offer free trials or free consultations.
  • Changing therapists in Pride Counseling is a time-consuming process

Pride Counseling was founded by the parent company, BetterHealth, to cater to the mental health services required by the LGBTQIA+ community. The therapists are licensed and specialized in providing mental health services to this community as well as to other individuals. Similar to other online therapy programs, Pride Counseling also requires the users to fill out a questionnaire regarding sexual identity, mental health concerns, and preferences. The platform also provides financial aid to individuals who can’t afford to pay for online therapy services. 

The Pride Counseling subscription comprises 4 live video sessions with a therapist, having a duration of 30 to 45 minutes. Although, the live sessions can also be conducted via phone call or text chat, based on the preferences of the user. The cost of the therapy sessions is determined by the therapist offering virtual therapy services and the region the therapy recipient is based. Although Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurance companies do not cover the session costs, these companies offer partial reimbursements when claimed by the user.


The Wellnite is an online, affordable, and accessible therapy platform that provides services to all individuals including couples and teenagers.

  • Wellnite offers virtual services to teenagers as well as couples.
  • The therapists at Wellnite are qualified and licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and doctors.
  • They offer medical management services, indicating that psychiatrists and board-certified doctors can prescribe medications to the users.
  • Their online therapists only use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques.

This online therapy platform is an affordable and convenient option for virtual mental health services. The online therapy provider offers mental health care across the US states and provides professional consultations and medications to individuals suffering from mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. There are two subscription plans offered by Wellnite the “mindfulness plan” and the “serotonin plan”. 

The serotonin plan is priced at $75 each month and is composed of four mental health counseling sessions and one doctor consultation per month along with a medical prescription. With mindfulness, the plan is priced at $195 every month and comprises the above-mentioned services, in addition to two online videos per session. The cost of therapy is relatively low and more affordable than the competitors. In contrast to other best online therapy platforms, Wellnite does not offer discounts or any financial aid to its users. 

Does The Service Actually Work?

Similar to traditional therapy practices, online or virtual therapy is an effective means of providing mental health counseling to children, adults, couples, and even the LGBTQ+ community.

How Much Does Online Therapy Cost? 

The cost of customer service depends on the online therapist sites, several sessions, and the type of sessions chosen. At BetterHelp, the cost of the service sessions ranges from $60-90 each week.

They determine the price by the location of the therapy recipient, preferences, and availability of the therapist. One can cancel the membership or subscription at any time, however, a refund is not available.

Features Of A Good Online Therapist

  1. The therapy must be convenient, affordable, and accessible for all individuals.
  2. Insurance companies shall cover or partially reimburse the cost of therapy.
  3. Professional, trained, and qualified therapists shall offer the therapy.

How To Choose The Right The Service?

One shall choose the best online therapist platforms on the basis of their preferences, region, desired therapists, and age group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which online therapy is best to work for?

In order to choose the right service platform to work for, you can go through the types of services offered by the platform and whether or not the platform aligns with your preferences.

Which online therapy is right for me?

To choose the right online therapist service, you can go through the website of the respective online therapy platform and assess whether the services align with your preferences. For instance, if you are looking for couple therapy, you should opt for the ReGain online therapy platform which has licensed marriage counselors.

Can a person stay anonymous while receiving online therapy?

Yes. A person may choose to remain anonymous while obtaining online counseling sessions. The online therapy platforms ensure the protection of confidential data and the privacy of the therapy recipients.

What are blended treatment interventions?

Blended therapy or treatment interventions are a combination of both online therapy sessions and in-person therapy sessions with healthcare professionals.

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