Holistic Therapy Near Me 2024: 3 Best Psychotherapies


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holistic therapy near me


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  • 20 plus live interactive group sessions
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  • Online symptom tracker to track clinical progress
  • Multiple short videos to explain the process
  • Offers interference with happiness promoting an app, happify
  • Offers psychiatric service and EAP programs

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With the rise in mental health issues, most people are seeking help in the form of holistic therapies. The holistic approach in medicine dates back to 2500 years at the time of Hippocrates.[1] He stressed the importance of achieving balance in mind, body, and spirit. Holistic therapy uses various forms of techniques such as holistic psychotherapy,[2] bodywork, and energy flow techniques, spiritual counseling,[3] to heal mental health issues. You can benefit from holistic therapies if you are struggling with issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and more. Nowadays most people are also looking for professional advice in the comfort of their home, unlike in-person sessions as the world moves towards digitalization. With that being said, online therapies are helping clients in their comfort. Online therapy is gaining popularity due to its easy access and flexibility. Now, before you google holistic therapy near me? Read this article to learn about holistic therapy and sites that offer online therapy.

Best Holistic Therapists On The Market In (June. 2024)

What Is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy, also known as holistic psychotherapy, is a therapy that addresses the whole person instead of treating someone sick. Holistic therapy combines physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual forms of the healing process. This means it addresses the body, mind, and spirit of the individual. Holistic therapy helps the individual in gaining awareness of the relationship between mind, body, and spirit.[4] According to holistic therapy, a person’s self-consciousness is not limited to one area but is an integration of the entire person such as mind, body, and spirit. This therapy helps individuals develop a deeper understanding of themselves on all these levels as it helps the individual develop greater self-esteem and self-awareness. It is an evidence-based treatment with a holistic framework that’s customized to the individual’s specific needs. Holistic therapy can be in different forms as it is taken from other therapies such as Cognitive behavioral therapy,[5] Psychodynamic therapy, Reiki, Mindfulness practices, Yoga, meditation, massage therapy, Tai chi,[6] and Breathwork. Holistic therapies are conducted in group settings or individually.

3 Best Holistic Therapists Near Me


holistic therapy near me

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Unlike traditional online counseling services, their live sessions and guided journaling provide comprehensive help at affordable prices.

  • Professional, licensed therapists with 3 years of experience
  • Frequent live sessions compared to competitors
  • Can switch holistic psychotherapists anytime
  • Contact them through chat, phone, or video
  • They provide financial aid and discounts
  • Therapists cannot diagnose or prescribe medicines
  • Not covered by insurance

BetterHelp was founded in 2013 and is one of the largest online holistic therapy sites currently. They have licensed professional therapists with 3 years or 1000 hours of working experience. BetterHelp has over 23000 therapists who are experts in mental health conditions. BetterHelp has helped over 2 million patients. They offer 20 plus live interactive group sessions, and they conduct more frequent live sessions compared to competitors. They are fully compliant with HIPAA law. Their option of anonymity makes Betterhelp a safe and secure platform.

After finding the right therapist that matches your desires you get access to unlimited messages and real-time therapy sessions weekly via phone call, live chat, or video call. The BetterHelp website is easy to access on mobile phones or desktops. The features and tools of the app are easy to use. You will have to answer a questionnaire that takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

This questionnaire helps in finding the right match of professional counselors for you. However, you can also choose your therapist by browsing through the directory. It also has an interface that offers services like changing the counselor or plan or canceling altogether. BetterHelp also offers financial aid and discounts. BetterHelp has to be one of the best holistic therapy sites that offer help for various problems at a reasonable price.



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See TalkSpace Reviews

Unlike many online counseling services, Talkspace offers medication management services. It also accepts certain insurance plans, and their plans are quite flexible. 

  • Therapists with 3000 hours of clinical experience
  • Offers live video sessions
  • Constant access to the therapists
  • Talkspace is covered by some insurance plans
  • It offers couples therapy
  • Multiple monthly subscription plans are available
  • Talkspace has age restrictions
  • Group sessions are not available

TalkSpace was one of the first platforms to provide online counseling services, it was started in 2012. TalkSpace is based in New York City and they aim to break the stigma around mental health issues and make access to mental health professionals easy and flexible. Over the last few years, TalkSpace has expanded its services largely and now offers medication management services, psychiatric evaluation services, teen therapy, and couples therapy. Their interactive sign-up process offers a live chat with a therapist who helps you through the sign-up process. They offer constant access to your therapist. Furthermore, with certain plans, you can also schedule live chats for immediate communication.

TalkSpace offers a 10% discount on subscribing to their 3-month plan and a 20% discount on their 6-month plan. Talkspace offers 24/7 online messaging, video conferences, audio messaging, and phone calls. It is compliant with all HIPAA laws. Through TalkSpace, you can track your clinical symptoms with an online symptom tracker. They also have science-based happiness promoting an app called Happify. Furthermore, you can also locate resources for financial wellness, work-life planning, and legal advice through their employee assistance program. All of the personal data including chat data is encrypted. Furthermore, it lets you add a password for extra security.


Their Licensed professional counselors focus on couples and their relationships. Regain offers live virtual sessions with partners and counselors.

  • Relationship counseling with licensed therapists
  • Live virtual sessions with partner and counselor
  • Offers 24/7 messaging with professional counselors
  • A thorough questionnaire to assess your needs
  • A secure, private, and safe platform
  • Affordable pricing compared to other sites
  • Three-way phone calls and video sessions are not available
  • Therapists cannot diagnose or prescribe medications

Regain is a relationship-focused online counseling service owned by BetterHelp. They are one of the largest couples therapy services that are 100% online. Regain was started in 2016. They have over 9224 licensed professional counselors. Regain offers live virtual sessions with the partner and counselor.  Both partners can participate in the counseling session at no extra cost. Regain has helped 1,39744 people with its services.

The written texts exchanged between you and the therapist can be accessed to reflect on whenever you need. You can also switch counselors if you are not satisfied. Regain offers services such as couples counseling, individual counseling, and online advice. Although Regain is based in the United States, it offers services worldwide.  

Regain also has a blog for relationship advice and short articles on many topics from psychology to friendship. They consist of very informative articles as well as light-hearted ones. Regain lets you schedule the video session, live chat, or phone call at your convenience. Coming to their couple counseling, you and your partner can use the same account and you can invite your partner to the session. Regain has very high standards of privacy safeguards. Regain does not sell your information to third parties.

How Does Holistic Therapy Help?

If you are among the people struggling with mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or survival crisis and are looking for a therapy that addresses you on all the levels such as physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual then all you need is a good holistic therapist. 

Although it is common for people with the above-mentioned mental health conditions to seek holistic counseling, there is no requirement that they undergo holistic therapy. If you are interested in knowing about yourself on a deeper level and want to integrate different parts of your well-being, then why not take the holistic approach?

Moreover, holistic therapy can also help in treating the physiological symptoms that have root causes from physical health issues such as digestive troubles and muscle tension. Holistic therapies work through a wide variety of mechanisms. A holistic therapist uses the symptoms of an individual such as depression, stress, substance abuse, or anxiety to encourage higher consciousness in the individual. Holistic therapies focus on combining the psychological and physiological processes to form an understanding. For example, it believes that a physical outcome such as chronic pain or bodily tension could be due to psychological causes such as stress at the workplace. And vice versa is also possible.

A holistic therapist may advise you of physical remedies such as exercise as a part of treating psychological issues like stress or anxiety. One of the famous concepts that are widely popular in psychotherapy (talk therapy) and holistic therapy is Mindfulness. Mindfulness[7] is a form of meditation. It is an art of being present in the moment without evaluation. 

It is a process of gaining an entire awareness of the whole self. Holistic therapists try to make the individuals undergoing the holistic treatment accept being in the moment as to how they are and where they are to get into a deeper level of understanding about themselves.

Once the individual starts to accept themselves, they can understand the issues that cause them distress in a better way. Relaxation, bodywork techniques, and visual imagery are some of the techniques used in assisting individuals with such issues.

Whereas, some holistic approach uses the technique of energy work that helps to focus on correcting the blockade and helps energy to flow naturally. It helps in bringing back the balance. Some examples of energy work techniques in holistic therapy are Reiki and Acupuncture. 

Whereas, some other techniques include holistic psychotherapy, massage therapy, spiritual therapy, family therapy, and existential approach.

How To Choose The Best Holistic Therapists?

When looking for a holistic therapist do not just go with anyone, as everyone is not good at their profession, always take advice from your doctor. Go with the holistic therapist that someone you trust recommended to you.  You can also contact health organizations that are credible for their recommendation. When finding holistic therapists, know about their specialty, training process, and their experience. You should also know about their hospital affiliations and professional associations. Check to see if the holistic therapist is certified by the medical board. 

Coming to the holistic therapists, consider things like how comfortable you are with them, and is the holistic therapist is respectful of your concerns. Choose a counselor who is willing to spend time understanding you. Make sure your counselor asks about lifestyle factors and medical factors that could be the reason for your illness.

Final Thought

The techniques used in holistic therapies such as holistic psychotherapy, and spiritual counseling will surely help you with health benefits, well-being, and to lead a meaningful life. However, it needs greater acceptance and a deeper holistic view which most people find difficult. People find it difficult to achieve balance in mind, body, and soul. It may often take years to work across emotional levels. Coming to online therapies, Unlike in-person sessions which makes it hard to find the right therapist. Online therapies offer you the option to change the therapist until you find the best holistic therapist that fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the holistic psychotherapy that is best?

Firstly, a good therapist should respect your concerns and beliefs. He should comfort you and spend a good amount of time with you.

Do online therapies provide professional advice?

Yes, only licensed professional counselors who are highly experienced provide you with the best holistic therapy online.

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