Gundry MD Power Blues Reviews 2024: Polyphenol Blend

gundry md power blues reviews

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gundry md power blues reviews








  • Increase energy
  • Easier digestion
  • Promote weight loss

Brand Information

  • Based in Beverly Hills, CA
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Offers multiple supplements 

Medical Benefits

  • Boost energy
  • Improve digestion 
  • Improve heart health
  • Boost immune system

About Gundry MD

Whenever you visit the Gundry MD official website, you will come across multiple supplements vital for your health. Among them is Gundry MD Power Blues. Those who know the brand understand that it will be a good place to get all the best supplements you need for improving your health. We do not expect this product to be any less. 

What Is Gundry MD Power Blues?

Dr. Steven Gundry together with his team created the Gundry MD Power Blues as a product that harnesses the power of “blue polyphenols” hence the name. These polyphenols are also referred to as anthocyanins.[1] 

The Anthocyanins are vital for boosting your natural energy, making digestion comfortable, and promoting weight loss

To top it off, you will enjoy a refreshing blueberry flavor. So, it will not be unpleasant like other supplements you may have used before for similar needs. 

Feature Product & Coupon

gundry md power blues reviews

Gundry MD Power Blues

  • Can act as a natural energy booster
  • Promotes comfortable digestion 
  • It May help in trimming your waistline 
  • It is not FDA-approved 
  • It is an expensive product

Does It Really Work?

Gundry MD is world-known for making some of the top supplements that work great. That is what you will be expecting with this product too. One thing that people know about Dr. Gundry is that he does a good job of handpicking the ingredients and diligently creating a great formula in the end. Due to the amount of research that goes into making such products, it is easy to see that they may deliver the benefits the good doctor claims. 

We will discuss the ingredients later, but just know they are natural and will give you many benefits if used correctly. There is also a guide on the use of the product for optimal results. We suggest that you use the Power Blues product as recommended for more health benefits. 

You may also want to consider consistency if you have hopes for better results. Give it time too. It is not like you will note changes immediately. Well, some of the results such as increased energy will be evident after a short time, but a trimmed waistline will take a couple of weeks of using the product. 

Also, people are different, so the results are likely to vary from one person to another. 

Gundy MD Power Blues Ingredients

gundry md power blues reviews
Gundy MD Power Blues Ingredients List

Like many other Gundry MD products, the Gundry MD Power Blues also has some great ingredients worth mentioning. You get natural ingredients such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, polyphenol blend, and more. 

All these ingredients are carefully selected so that you can end up with a comprehensive product that offers many benefits. This includes boosting your energy to make you have better digestion. 

Gundry MD Power Blues is a popular product from Gundry MD. This is mostly because of its effectiveness and safety. With many positive reviews about the product, anyone would be intrigued to try out Power Blues to improve their health. 

Before you can do that, there is a need to understand its ingredients and how they can help with your health. Here are the top ingredients in the product. 

Vitamin C (Acerola Cherry Extract) 

Vitamin C is a known powerful antioxidant that the body needs. Whenever you consume the Power Blues product, it can help strengthen the body against common illnesses. Also, the vitamin will be good for dealing with the free radicals in the body due to oxidative stress.[2] 

If you have been experiencing high blood pressure, just know it is not good for your health. It may easily lead to a cardiovascular disease which you do not want. Studies show that the use of vitamin C may lead to lower blood pressure to keep it in the healthy range. 

Polyphenol Blend

The polyphenol blend will have numerous health benefits because of the many ingredients mixed to form the blend. The blue polyphenols include ingredients such as dragon fruit juice powder, blue spirulina, beetroot, blueberries, and so much more. 

The user is likely to enjoy a refreshing blueberry flavor thanks to the blueberry extract. It is not just about the flavor, but also the benefits that come with the ingredient. This includes having many antioxidants to improve your health overall. 

As for the organic beetroot, it will be jam-packed with health benefits including lowering blood pressure, improving energy levels for workouts,[3] and also making digestive health better. 

Prebiotic Blend 

Prebiotic foods are what we use to boost the amount of fiber in our foods. You can also supplement them with this product since it contains an amazing prebiotic blend. The prebiotic fiber will help in supporting better digestive health in a person. 

Options such as organic tapioca fiber and organic acacia fiber will also increase the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. This would help in resolving several indigestion issues you are having and boost the immune system. 

The prebiotic blend may still be necessary to improve your metabolic health. As a result, you end up feeling more energized and ready for the day or tasks ahead. 

Probiotic Blend 

There is also a great probiotic blend in the product. The probiotic blend is necessary for establishing a balance of friendly bacteria in the digestive system. When bad bacteria are more than good bacteria,[4] then you may experience indigestion, allergies, and many other digestive system problems. 

Probiotics may also help in boosting your immune system. There was a large review[5] of how taking probiotics in humans would help in boosting their health. As much as the results were not what the researchers expected, it opened a door for more research on the use of probiotics. 

Cardio Metabolic Blend

Still, on the numerous health benefits of the Gundry MD Power Blues, we find that it also has a cardiometabolic blend. These are the ingredients that may help in boosting your metabolism to get your energy up among other benefits. 

A good example is the use of pomegranate juice powder in the blend. This one is known for having anti-inflammatory properties, and may be good for arthritis, heart disease, and many other health benefits.

The rosemary extract would also have similar effects on the human body as the pomegranate juice. It will still have more benefits including improving your mood, relieving stress, and clearing your mind. You will generally not be affected by stress triggers after using the product for a while. 

The other ingredients in the cardiometabolic blend include artichoke leaf extract, betaine anhydrous, ginger, quercetin, and green tea extract.[6] 

Alternatives To Power Blues

vital reds

Gundry MD Vital Reds

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  • Boosts natural energy
  • Improves digestion 
  • Supports better skin health
  • Expensive

Gundry MD PrebioThrive

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  • Supports digestion
  • Maintains healthy energy 
  • Easy to take formula
  • Takes too long to show changes


See Codeage Review

  • Has 16 polyphenols 
  • Features green tea capsules
  • Has non-GMO ingredients
  • Slow customer support

Health Benefits Of Power Blues

The Gundy MD brand often makes products that would do many things. Even if it is a product meant to boost digestion, it will also help with heart health. This one is not any different. Power Blues may have the following health benefits. 

  • It can boost natural energy. This is thanks to the blue polyphenols activated when you take the supplement. A boost in energy can help you have a productive day or also improve your workouts generally. 
  • If you have been facing a few digestive problems, then the ingredients in Power Blues can help improve them, in addition, to helping boost energy. The vital ingredients for this part are probiotics and probiotics. You will now have comfortable and easier digestion. 
  • You may also experience a trimmed waistline. Of course, it also depends on what you eat. In case you are eating a healthy diet with decreased portions, you can experience such a benefit too. 
  • Power Blues may also help in supporting heart, immune, and brain health. Just ensure you are using it as recommended to experience more of such a product. 

There will be more benefits as you continue using Power Blues. Since people are different, these results will vary. However, if you are consistent, you will realize more of such benefits with time. 

Potential Side Effects

As much as Steven Gundry takes time and does research before creating these products, there can be potential side effects too. Because the product is mostly based on polyphenol ingredients, there can be some side effects and risks. They include

  • Possible toxicity based on how much is used 
  • Some polyphenols might lead to carcinogenic effects in high doses
  • May interfere with their thyroid functionality
  • May lead to antinutritional effects 

How To Take Power Blues?

To take Power Blues is easy. Simply mix one Scoop of the Power Blues powder in 8 ounces of water. Or it can be a beverage that you like. Ensure that you mix until the Power Blues powder is fully dissolved. 

Gundry MD Power Blues Reviews: What Do Real Users Say?

I can easily be a Gundry MD ambassador after using it for a few months now. The Power Blues product has improved my overall health. I would say that my digestion is even better.


I have used Vital Reds before and then Power Blues. I feel like Gundry MD did a good job with both products. It is why I find myself rotating the use of each product to maximize their benefits.


I would say the famous doctor did well with this product. I found that I can get a nice boost in energy before starting the day. Also, digestion is improved and I see my waistline getting slimmer. So, I will continue using it and report more changes later.


Where To Buy Power Blues? 

We recommend that you buy from the Gundry Wellness website. Buying from this website gives you an assurance you are buying from the brand directly and you can get better support in case of anything. Also, you would often get discounts from the brand to save more on your purchase. 

The Bottom Line 

Based on the pros of Power Blues, it is easy to get someone to consider using it for their health today. For those who often feel tired and fatigued, a boost in your energy is a welcomed idea. Also, you will find that your body processes food better due to the probiotics and prebiotics. So, go ahead to give it a try and see if you can also experience the same health benefits as the brand suggests. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Power Blues?

People find it a safe product since it has natural ingredients. Also, Gundry MD does a good job of ensuring there is proper research and study of ingredients before using them.

When will the results appear?

Most people start to experience results within the first week while others have to wait for up to three weeks. It is advisable to maintain consistency when using this product.

Can the support team help with queries?

If you ever have questions about Power Blues, talk to the customer support team. The team is fast to respond to questions and are also knowledgeable.

What is the guarantee on Power Blues?

The brand is confident that the product will work great. However, if that is not what you get, there is still a 90-day money-back guarantee for you to like. It is also not hard to get your refund.

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