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'Information on A H1N1(swine flu)'

Introduction :

The Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine is responsible for the implementation of various National and State Health  Programmes. This Department also plans and implements measures to prevent the occurrence of communicable diseases thereby reducing the burden of morbidity mortality and disability in the state.

The activities undertaken by the department of public Health and Preventive Medicine are provisions of primary health care,which includes Maternity and Child Health Services, Immunisation of children against vaccine preventable diseases,control of communicable diseases,control of malaria, filaria, japanese encephalitis, elimination of leprosy, iodine deficiency disorder control programme, prevention of food adulteration, health checkup of school children, health eduction of the community and collection of vital statistics under birth and death registration system and environmental sanitation.

Prevention and control of waterborne diseases like Acute Diarrheal Diseases, Typhoid, Dysentry prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV / AIDS.


Public Health Advice to be carried out during and after Flood.